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Welcome to My Share Cafe, the perfect meeting place for curious minds like you! 

My Share Cafe believes that each of us have something valuable to express and meaningful to share. It provides just the platform to do that. My Share Cafe has been conceptualized to promote creative writing and meaningful networking.  It is also meant to be your companion in your quest for knowledge, and to better understand the world around.

My Share Cafe acknowledges that in quest of knowledge there are no fixed paradigms. This is why it encourages wide based content and topics. It promotes learning something new about the world we live in, by sharing.

To author, you may start by registering yourself in. Post good quality, original content of your choice or expertise. Assign your post to one of the existing ‘categories’ or create a new category if you intend to. The scope is wide open and possibilities are endless. 

Your initial few posts / content may have to go through edit or moderation, to ensure that only genuine and quality content goes live on the site.

All content at My Share Cafe is available for free readership.  The readers may also reproduce parts of the original content for any non commercial use, while quoting the reference of respective author and My Share Cafe.

My Share Cafe encourages you to engage and share your views in the discussion forums, linked with each article. Your participation is your key to the world of knowledge, perspectives and paradigms.

Hope you will find this experience both refreshing and fulfilling one.

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