Alternate Therapies


Dear friends, my purpose is to share “A Way to Happy & Healthy Life”.  Acupressure, Color Therapy, Mudra Vigyan and Reiki are form of such Holistic Healing modalities, which cure a problem from root so that it gets healed completely.

There is no doubt that “Allopath “is life saving, but we cannot ignore the side effects of these medicines. So if there are treatment modalities, which is without side effect and can cure/treat any problem, then it should be more preferred. But awareness of such alternate therapies or awareness of effects of such treatment is missing, therefore our purpose is to create awareness about such Therapies. Hope this will pave “A way to happy and healthy life”

In old times these alternate therapies were part of our life, few have been termed as our tradition. For example:

“Mang mein red color sindur” this is location of “governing vessel” as per acupressure, and cover 4 point i.e. GV 21, 22, 23, 24.

GV21 – Related to corpus Amygdaloideum of limbic system in mid brain, which controls emotional behavior.

GV 22 – Related to Gyrus Cinguli of limbic system in mid brain, which controls or save life from suffering due to bad food habits. Also remove ‘kaaf Dosh”

GV 23 – This is called “upper Star” It resolves all problems related to “hypocampus” (recent memory etc).

GV 24 – This is called “meeting point of creative energies”

Wearing bangles cure us from spine related problems and back pain, also improves our brain.

Wearing red color bindi on “third Eye” enhance our institution or 6th sense.

Similarly, there are endless things to know which will be very helpful in our routine life. I will share few “Acupressure and Color therapies” treatment methods to be useful for common problems like cervical, joint pain, headache etc.  in my upcoming posts.


3 Responses to Alternate Therapies

  1. Hi Meera!

    Thanks for enlightning us. Never knew these small traditions had so much behind them.

    Keep walking us on the road to wellness. This is a great initiative.

    Specially for lazy souls like us, who maintain a sedentary lifestyle.

  2. Meera says:

    Thanks Abhinav. Since I am into these therapies, every day I discover a new horizon of one or other alternate therapy. And this knowledge of sea is too vast, beyond our imagination….. I love to share all these information with maximum audience as very simple things can make our life so easy and happy.

  3. Swati Bhalla says:

    Hey Meera, really looking forward to more of your articles! Would love to know more about these therapies and other lost forms. Let me know what other alternate therapies you know about, would love to have a discussion about them with you! Always open to learning more :)

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