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What will Triumph the World?

The world as we see is a constant playground of the good and evil. The contest is ubiquitous. The more you think about it, the more it appears that the good and the evil are actually two sides of the same coin and are meant to co-exist, by the very ..

Good Bye Farooq!

A sense of loss always warrants an outburst. The saddening news of exit of actor, presenter and philanthropist Farooq Sheikh made me find my words to express once again, after a long time over. Having stayed away from words and from My Share Cafe for ..

What if I had a Time Machine?

time machine
Have always wanted one for myself. It is the thing that got me in to science during my high school, and it is the one that has still kept me interested. Ever since the days of ‘Indradhanush’* on Doordarshan there is something about being able to travel ..

The Curious Case of Incuriosity

curiosity 3
Cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity. - Dorothy Parker Ever since my 16 months old daughter started to walk, she has been reaching out for things. Nothing special, just things! Anything. Her range often surprises me. She is ..

Dear Jagjit

Dear Sir, Thank you for making me live those nights of solemn comfort. Nights, when your melody rolled fingers in my hair, till I closed my eyes to sleep. Thank you for being my companion on all those drives into oblivion. Thank you for letting me hum ..

Interactive Paradox

If you are reading this, it is quite evident that you haven't ignored the message that I had asked you to ignore. But you couldn’t have known that it asked you to ignore it, till the time you noticed it. When you had noticed it, there was no way of ..

Holistic Brand Management

As a marketer, it helps to observe more. Specially when people are responding to a query about their choice or preference. Consider this. When someone asks you 'what' would your next car be?  How do you answer? Is your reponse to a simple and straight ..

The Game Theory

ice cream
While driving around India gate, have you ever wondered why most (if not all) ice cream vendors are stacked together in a small huddle. Ever noticed, that highway ‘dhabas’ exist mostly in close clusters. Or maybe, next time when you take a ..

Randomness versus Chaos

My last movie going experience was both entertaining and stimulating one. This Friday, I watched the much anticipated, ‘Peepli Live’. The story deals with the sensitive issue of farmer suicide, served to the taste of the mainstream audience with ..

The Economics of Motivation

burn the boats 1
Sometime in my early childhood, I had heard this fairytale of a king. The one who was forced into believing by his tailor that he was wearing a royal suit stitched out of such priceless fabric that it would be invisible, but only to the royals and the ..
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