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Systems Approach to Problem Solving

Today’s problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that once created them. -Albert Einstein With that statement, one of the greatest thinkers of our century had made the strongest case for an approach that needed us to do more than trying ..

Holism versus Reductionism

Monalisa 2
The way I had  learnt to spell Czechoslovakia, was to break it into two halves. Memorize the tricky and more difficult part ‘Czecho’ and then confidently add the easier and the more obvious ‘slovakia’. How we all learnt to multiply 13x12 mentally, ..

Systems Thinking – A Beginner’s Quest

Cartoon-Hole in the boat
My idea behind setting up this blog, is to do my bit in propogating this unique approach, and to setup a platform where like minded individuals express and share there views, doubts or concerns about the systems view of the world around us. I do not claim a mastery of any sorts in the concepts or field of systems thinking. This blog is an outcome of my quest for a deeper understanding. While I shall continue to add more articles, it will be of great pleasure to find your participation and interest. Follow this blog, share your views, express your feedback or bring in new topics. ..
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