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Spirit of Fire

Like a neon light, In the darkest night, Like a blooming flower, In wilderness spread afar, Stands out a girl, In a uniform world. With a blazing soul, And free-spirited dreams, Shackled in chains, With a stereotypical hold. A night of blunder, And ..

The Untold Story of Many…

child abuse
“Abuse leaves its mark; the earlier it is inflicted, the deeper the wound.” Abuse is faced by all in one way or the other, because as much as we may wish it, life is not perfect. However, facing abuse and being forced to mature at the age of six ..


The opposite of life, thats what they call you. The absence of life, thats what you really are. You can claim bodies, you can claim souls, You bring despair, prolonged fear and lost hope. Powerful you are, with your overwhelming darkness, Engulfing ..
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