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Lanuage and Communication Barriers in Scientific Studies

There are several issues which arise while we study Science and Consciousness. At the normal scale we observe objects and phenomenons and therefore are able to visualize classical situations without any problem. But the concepts which occur at Planck ..

Organisational Philosophy

Organizational philosophy
WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT? “It is not the Infrastructure which makes a University good, it is the Quality of Education”  – Dr. M.B. Lal Sahab The most applicable definition of Development is “Development is Technology”. If Development is Technology, ..

Concrete Jungles

I work for a company in Gurgaon. Drive through the traffic everyday. I see people moving, progressing rapidly. No brotherhood of man and no fatherhood of God, survival of the fittest, exhausting resources. I am dying to see green areas in Gurgaon. I ..

Lokpal v/s IT Whistle Blowing

Team Anna vs Nandan Nilkeni
ANSHAN AT RAMLILA MAIDAN  I support LOKPAL and respect ANNA, but 100% disagree with the method and means adopted by him. In the past 40 years, no one encouraged the LOKPAL. The present UPA Government took interest (though under pressure) and agreed ..
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