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Wedding Ritual

Recently got a chance to attend a wedding, noticed a custom which i found anachronistic with the tunes of current times, where we claim ourselves to be an educated lot with a modern outlook and mindset. I believe most of the people who were part of this ..

An Ode to Great Indian Frying Pan!!

In India frying is ever pervasive, happens every morning  on all Indian streets, domestic kitchens, on  encroached spaces below the flyovers, along the road side, mostly on the carts, sometimes on the brick stand on the ground itself. Many a times below ..

Global Warming and Bad Coding

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Recently got a chance to tune a SQL query, which was around 5000 lines long. This SQL was very clumsy, used around 2000 lines of decode statements, and it took around 9-10 hrs to retrieve any results, and was a big drain on the CPU resources. It was business ..

Requirements, Woodpecker and Metrics

Every Software that we create is like creating a new Universe, with its own set of laws, just like we have the laws of Physics controlling our Universe. Though our Universe has been created with much finer, subtle and intelligent laws, which Human race ..


Chat applications are present in almost all the large organizations, however, not sure how not many provide a formal training on how to effectively use this tool. Since past few years there have been many cases (both within and outside the media coverage) ..

Burning The Bridges!!!

Studying wars, military conflicts has turned out to be important not just for armed forces but also for society and individuals, one such strategy is called "Burning the Bridges" This strategy is quite old, perhaps it came into existence during 55 BC ..

Leave it to the Chinese

Supply Chains are increasingly becoming more competitive, global, complex and Intelligent. Innovation, is leading to creation of new business models, new business processes. One such Innovation is the ability to produce a good or service at a very low-cost ..

The Mass Tragedy

"Tragedy of the Commons" is a dilemma which was first published in 1968 journal called Science, This was written by ecologist Garrett Hardin. This dilemma has relevance in lot many fields, right from Environment, Politics, Organization, Traffic Control ..

The other line always moves faster!

There is an old saying "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", there are no laws of physics or theory associated with this, still it is better known as Murphy's Law. Murphy's law came from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at Dayton, Ohio in the ..

Lessons from a Cyclonic Morning

It’s been raining at Chennai since last one week; the roads as usual get waterlogged during this season and traffic chokes all the main arterial roads in the city.  One such long wait in the traffic reminded me of an incident that happened last year. Late ..
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