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The Big Data Tsunami!

Organizations today, are "Drowning in Information, yet starved of knowledge" at the same time. This information is getting generated out of the quest for understanding real time behavior of dynamic systems within or outside the organization to gain a ..

Late night movie thoughts!

Controlling the mind and thoughts is fundamental to almost all the Eastern Religions. In Taoism it is said "The fool is controlled by thoughts, The wise men control thoughts". Control of mind and thoughts for stability and everlasting happiness, forms ..

Who is educated?

Below are a few incidents which I came across at Chennai a few months back, all these incidents happened on rainy mornings on water logged roads Incident 1:-  In a cab, there were 4 people working for reputed IT company, all four of these professionals ..

IT Workplace Distractions and Millers’ Index

Lot of people in my office come at morning 8 AM work for atleast 12-14 hours a day and often complain of poor productivity and low work satisfaction. Their day start with 100+ emails from onsite team, by the time they finish reading these 100 emails, ..

The Case of overwhelming numbers!!!

large nos
King Shirham was one of the victims of growing numbers, he wanted to reward his vizier Sissa Bin Dahir for creating the game of chess. This Vizier very humbly bending down on this knees told the King, “Majesty, my request is very simple, give me a grain ..
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