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बेवकूफ़ों की भरमार

बेवकूफों की यहाँ कमी नहीं,भई, हम भी तो हैं खडे हुए। सडकों की यहाँ कमी नहीं ,दो पत्थर जो हैं पडे हुए ..

If basics were free..

I breathe fine but it's not Oxygen. Even if it is, it's diluted I eat fine, there is no compromise there. What else does one need? I asked myself We work, earn our wages to fulfill our needs. Right? At least that is where history states, ..

Mein kaun hun, Kaun nahi? (Hindi)

The Who!
Mein ekal hu, Mein akela nahi. Mein aadha hu, Mein adhura nahi. Mein andha hu, Mein behra nahi. Mein haklata hu, Mein muuk nahi. Mein durbal hu, Mein dara nahi. Mein bewakuf hu, Mein jhuta nahi. Mein mitti ki wo ansh hu, Jo chamakta ..

Eyes wide open

eyes wide open
Blindfolded we are, with eyes wide open, hidden in nooks and crannies are quaint sights Of which we are innocently oblivion Shadowed by peer’s vision, overcrowded thoughts float, bringing soul no peace, mind no thought worth pondering upon. I ..

The Unfortunate

Hundred years you wish to live! How many for your greed? How many for your soul? To become a slave - the first twenty To get accustomed the next To realize the undesired- one moment Only to get going again Unwillingly we do the doing Risk ..


  Know not what you speak, Know not what you hear, Know not what you see Only know what you feel Know not the feel of touch Know not the feel of pain, Know not the feel of joy, Know not the feel of sorrow, Know not the feel of pity, Know not ..
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