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Parallel Universes

heart vs mind
And, no, I do not mean the celestial line-up around the Sun! I mean all those people all around us. Lives lived. Lives lost. Again, lives lost here does not imply death of a person. Just death of a relationship. In whatever form it may have earlier existed. I ..

Music and Some more…

Last 2-3 days have been a lot about good music. I feel a lot more calmer than I have for some time now. Maybe not completely, but its a good start. I might just find my mojo again! Part of the reason has something to do with enjoying some of the best ..

Walk and Laugh

Mumbai walk
Its Sunday, again. And I see everything is as it was. Last Sunday morning, I decided I was going to wake up a new person. Turn over a new leaf. After all, it's October. The weather is changing colors. Why not me? So, I am up and about at 6 am. Shortly, ..

Life of a Feline

feline eyes
Welcome! It's the saddest of all times. Maya Dolas passed away today morning. I am still mourning her death. She came into our lives as a surprise. Or more like shock. We should have known. In fact, we should have expected it. It was bound to happen. ..

I don’t trust news anymore

As a kid, I had learnt that news stood for North-East-West-South. I believed it then. I am no longer sure it is true anymore. Going by the acronym it would represent the directions from which share-worthy information would be disseminated by those who ..

The Written Word

I have been addicted to the written word as far back as I can remember! Books, magazines, words that create a thousand new worlds - never fail to amaze me. I still read and wallow into new worlds which always adapt me as a welcome listener as the stories ..

The Mystery of Relationships!

One of my close relatives began their journey towards the most holiest pilgrimage in Islam, Hajj, last weekend. Its ritualistic for close family and friends to wish you well for the journey and experiences. People parting, crying, making each other smile, ..

Why is reality TV so unreal?

Let's be honest. I never did like reality TV at all. Never. Ever. Not for a moment. The idea that TV can be real repulses me. When I was tiny and growing up in the middle of India in the 80's TV had just started making inroads into Indian households ..

Women in India

Udaipur village women
Just another day in the busy saga called India. In a country of a few billion, what are a few negative incidents - no different that the pickles lying next to our dal-rice. After all, its a country where most of the population is still struggling at ..

The Rains

The skies are gray. The trees and leaves are clean and ridden of their dusty summer trails whatsoever. The first anticipation of the rain is our annual invitation to visiting treasure troves of memories collected over years of getting wet in the first ..
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