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Confessions of a Work-a-Holic Part 2 – The Runaway Romance!

  We all wonder how it would feel to “Run Away”. Sounds fancy? Dreamy, perhaps? It even has a tinge of adventure, excitement and an adrenalin rush all packed into one. We dream about it, we plan for it, we make up fancy situations and stories ..

Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love!
We tend to take a lot of things in our life for granted. Love just happens to be one of them. We forget how important it is, we forget how wonderful it is. Suddenly, the beauty of the feeling vanishes and somewhere down the path, we are only left with ..

Confessions of a Work-a-Holic Part 1 – Friends

I am single, live alone in a city far away from my own and I am a self-proclaimed Work-a-holic! Well if you work 10 hours a day, I guess you are eligible for this title yourself! So here I've decided to start my own personal Work-a-holic diary, which ..

Together They Knew

She waited, In her heart she waited, Waiting for him to break the Silence, The Silence that was drowning her in herself. He wished, For a little dream he wished, Wishing that she would see and know The love for her in the words he drowned. She ..

The Unsaid…

The world is becoming such a difficult place to live. As a woman, I am ashamed and horrified at the kind of atrocities being committed against women again and again. And more or less, I am disappointed at the fact that we can’t even depend on our own ..

The Biggest Online Indian Shopping Bonanza, EVER!

It is the Great Online Shopping Festival! The first of its kind to ever hit India! Aren’t you guys excited about it? Go check out the website and let the shopaholic in you take over. With amazing brands and multiple ranges to choose from, ..

Fragrance of a Loss

I could smell The fragrance of a loss Tempting as it was It wanted me to fall Make the same mistakes again Walk the same route again It was irresistible As charming as a pretty witch Trying to work its way over me Intoxicating ..

Oh My God!

Considering the recent series of movies Akshay Kumar was doing, I didn't really feel like going for this one as I'd put it in the same league as Joker and movies like that. I was wrong. Oh My God is a class in itself, beautifully made with exceptional ..


I had to write a review, I simply had to wake you up from your dreams, push you  to go buy the ticket and watch this absolutely delightfully wonderful movie! Barfii is as true to its name as it is to its sweetness, it was an incredibly sweet movie, leaving ..

Lullaby (Version 1)

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 Sing me a lullaby Cos I can’t sleep tonight Hold me tight And whisper to me Comfort me with words Count the stars with me Hold me tight And let it be Cos I am scared tonight Just want you by my side Need to see you smile When you look at ..
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