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Please Reconsider – Think Again……

think again
If you think I am snobby because I wish to walk alone; it could be that I don't want to stand in your way, If you think I always act buzzy; maybe I was trying just a bit harder to run away from life, If I cry; please don't think that I need your ..

Just a bit broken

broken girl
I know, I am quiet I know, i am silent Some where deep down inside, I cry in the middle of a night, I wake up at times, a dream makes me re live a pleasant thought and at times, a dream makes me feel alive I know, I am careless and arrogant I know, ..

Yaaran naal bahaaraan (Punjabi)

Yaaran naal bahaaraan Kade kaale bullet diyaan savaariyaan Te kade ferari vargiyaan kaaraan Kade takkne sohne sunakhe munde te kade taadniyaan sohniyaaan sunakhiyaan naaran Yaaraan naal hi sachiyaan bahaaraan naal hon taan aishaan hi aishaan Kaleyan ..

Judgemental? Think Again

At times, a passive person always attracts unusual and negative attention. Favoring an honest audience part, we always think wat we like without really knowing the real story. Here's a small comparison of thoughts on what might lie underneath those layers ..

What lies beneath, Truth n Lies…

What lies beneath, truth n lies We value some, for some we breathe We take them for granted, for some we dump them Relationships and friendships are always tricky Few become a reason for laughter Some make u cry all night n some let u sleep peacefully They ..

I want to fly Higher…

I want to fly higher, higher than the mountains nearer to the sky or closer to the sea away from fire and desire I want to fly higher lesser is my time shorter is my life more are my goals Please let me be free I want to fly higher For I have ..

Independent and Single

single woman
I know I act silly n confused at times, I might not know how to play with words Politics is not my cup of tea I am honest n blunt I can say things straight in your face Looking  right into your eyes I don’t need you to pull a chair for me I ..

Silence – A Docile Killer

Silence means different things to different people after a fight; If: A girl remains quiet for a long time and stays, she wants you to come back. She still tends to hold on to you! What you must do: Don't make her wait for long. She might ..

I am Just a Girl

I am just a girl, few dreams few thoughts I am fond of fun and laughter, be it sorrow be it life I just want to forget all my issues, and work it out somehow I am just a girl, I love being talked about Hard work is not just my life, it is actually ..

Dreaming and Smiling!

Dreaming and smiling, I think of you. Times we spent together, just me and you. Spending times meant, spending live together. I still remember you, smiling at my silly jokes. Scared to talk, you always felt what if, someday you will fall in love ..
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