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The beauty of his voice!

The beauty of voice, is not in the choice of words. It’s not the classiness of the accent, or the huskiness of his speech. It’s the beauty of his voice that attracts. The purity of his heart is what reflects in the dialogue. When he is happy, his ..

That’s me, I am human!

red bubble
I love dreaming nobody ever taught me how to dream but I always have the passion to get what I don’t have that’s me, I am human. I love loud loud! music No one ever taught me to hear that but I kinda love the life its pumps in me that’s ..

Confusion – A way out!

Confusions arise when there is a conflict between brain and heart. Case 1 – listen to brain • If it works out well, you will be happy but with a bit of empty “space” • If it doesn’t u will always wonder y u never paid heed to heart; ..
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