Back To The Future

race against time

Isn’t it funny that whenever we go back in time, we remember about many incidents especially the way in which we handled or rather (mis)handled them?

And then we say to ourselves, how I could be so foolish. If it had happened today, I would have not reacted this but in a better way under the same circumstances.

However, we fail to understand that during that instance or time, our response is in line with our capability be it mental or psychological and that was the best and the most natural way we could have reacted.

The above becomes all the more important when it comes to our decisions and actions as they have by far larger consequence on our lives.

So the mantra is not to dwell over the past but to act in a highly rational manner in the present considering all our limitations since that would result in a natural, realistic response which in time would give us lot of opportunity to learn and execute.

Of course, it is easier said than done, however, if we are of a kind who learns from their mistakes, this should not be an issue.

Consider this scenario of a lovely morning at the breakfast table with your wife and your child. You are all set to go to Office and by the way, you have an appraisal meeting with your boss today and your child is ready to go to the school. Then suddenly, the child spills her glass of milk on you which leaves no part of your shirt untouched.

SCENARIO I: You jump from your chair, shout on your child and spent another five minutes scolding. This makes your child cry and your wife upset and of course, less said the better about you. In this entire melee, the child misses her bus, your wife is angry with you (of course, this is one of the many reasons that she has to be angry with you). As a result, you now need to drop your child to school and you reach your office late and obviously your boss doesn’t like that at all. (God knows what’s going to happen in the appraisal)

SCENARIO II: You get up slowly and give a smile to your child and say “No problem sweetheart” Daddy will get into another shirt. You change by the time your child finishes the milk after which you drop your child to the school bus. You come back give a warm kiss to your wife who says “all the best” and you are now ready to face your boss for the appraisal meeting, fresh and with full vigor.

Therefore, one can imagine if the consequences of our reactions bear so heavily on us in such a simple day to day scenario, then one can imagine what it would be like in tough and important situations.

To end this, all it is required is to think before our actions or reactions as they not only affect us but everyone around us.


3 Responses to Back To The Future

  1. Arti Mishra Saran says:

    Nice thought. In retrospect to an unpleasant event we all wonder ‘What if’. The key is to train ourselves to maintain our calm in the first instance to avoid the ripple effect the moment of rage causes.

    I am trying hard at this. Hope will learn.

    • Ravi says:

      Yeah Arti, am making a very conscious effort to do that at every instance it is required, however, the hit ratio is around 70%, trying my very best to reach around 95% at this point in time.

  2. That is a everyday question sir, that we choose to avoid than answer.

    I guess we all realize that that practically all decisions, good or bad are in our hands, we just pretend otherwise.

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