I had to write a review, I simply had to wake you up from your dreams, push you  to go buy the ticket and watch this absolutely delightfully wonderful movie! Barfii is as true to its name as it is to its sweetness, it was an incredibly sweet movie, leaving your mouth salivating, your heart full with warmth and content and you leave the theatre with a smile on your face knowing that that is what you really want in your life! True love! (And here the Romantic in me will take over and talk all silly stuff so let’s save you all that horror and talk about the movie)

The background score is perfect, absolutely in sync with the movie and nowhere will you feel a disconnect between the lyrics, the songs, the picturisation and the plot of the movie! It is like watching a beautiful song unfold right before your eyes, completely alive with its colors and scenes and locations! Dehradun never looked so pretty, Kolkata so exquisite, people with their shades of black and white and emotions so raw, so uninhibited, so pure!

Ranbir Kapoor is simply a treat to watch in this movie! The man is pure talent and to see him on screen, without a single world to light up the screen, the man is one of the best Actors I have seen play a character that tough with utmost perfection and delight! Priyanka Chopra was also a surprise element in the movie. This indeed was one of her finest performances and totally convincing in her role as an autistic child.  A deaf and dumb prince with an autistic princess, where do you get to see love at its best and purest form and then you end up wanting and craving for that same feeling you saw those two portraying onscreen, I know that is DEFINITELY what I want!

Brilliant performances by everyone, even Ileana D’Cruz, despite being her first movie managed to sail through just as comfortably as all the other veteran actors. Ranbir Kapoor was charming, funny, a prankster and a happy-go-lucky guy while Priyanka was scared, violent, jealous, in love and simply brilliant as an Autistic person. Ileana looks beautiful as the Bong and those Sarees really suit her. Though there were shades of The Notebook in the film, scenes copied straight out of it, but that still has no effect with the whole effect that the movie has on you and you are simply ready to overlook such facts as long as the end result is vastly different and beautiful.

Anurag Basu yet again manages to break through the ordinary and give us a different, and a beautiful portrayal of love through a deaf and dumb guy and an autistic girl. It takes strength to make a movie like that in a cinema which only appreciates the tried and tested movies like Dabangg, Ready, and so on.  Hats off to Mr. Basu for giving us such a strong, different and a beautiful movie and proving to the world that Indian Cinema is indeed ready for some-out-of-the-box thinking and breaking-the-mould movies.

Anurag Basu’s direction, Pritam’s music and veteran actors like Ranbir and Priyanka make this Barfi a treat to watch! It does get a little slow and starts to drag in the middle but that is just for a very small bit, it soon picks up an your back on the lovely toy-train-joy-ride and you simply don’t want it to end! Don’t miss it, it simply gives a beautiful feeling, a heart full of warmth and a longing to experience something as true and as pure as the love shown in the movie! It makes you laugh and it makes you cry but leaves you with a very sweet taste in your mouth and in your heart, and as I said before, you leave the theater with a smile on your face! *Sigh* Hope I find my Barfii soon! See that’s what the movie does to you!

Enjoy! 4.5 stars from me! :D Don’t miss this one!

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