It Burns…

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It burns
Like a house on fire it burns
Like a growing desire it burns
Writhing in agony
It takes its own time
Enjoying every scream
Taking pleasure in its pain
It burns

Like trees turned to dust it burns
Like bodies turned to ashes it burns
Destroying it completely
Ending its existence
Removing any obstacle
That might stand in its way
It burns

Like hope slayed alive it burns
Like dreams broken for a child it burns
The disappointment with it
Of losing something
And give up hope
Of a new dream again
It burns

Like a fire out of control it burns
Taking everything within it burns
That’s how my life feels right now
Destroyed and burnt and lost somehow
The pain then becomes more profound
And there is nothing that I can do about
It burns

Like old scars come alive it burns
A feeling of helplessness arise it burns
Hope all lost and broken dreams
And here I am a confused being
If only I knew the cure
Maybe it won’t burn anymore
But alas it burns
And I burn with it

 *Photo Credits – Google Images

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