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Confessions of a Work-a-Holic Part 1 – Friends

I am single, live alone in a city far away from my own and I am a self-proclaimed Work-a-holic! Well if you work 10 hours a day, I guess you are eligible for this title yourself! So here I've decided to start my own personal Work-a-holic diary, which ..

Same Pinch

I take the company bus to work every day. Well every day that I wake up on time that is; otherwise I have to request one of the senior managers who live around to give me a lift in their car to which they comply. My stop is at a Domino’s near my house ..

Harmless action? I beg to differ

I read a quote somewhere by William James, "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.", it is quite an inspiring quote. However, I am not sure how many of my co-passengers know about William James or heard this quote. Their action or in-action ..

Not a perfect match

Its not difficult to overhear conversations, crowded carriages it make ..... part of your travel. Sometimes you are left with no option but to listen to what is being discussed. I don't mind being a silent participant in conversations. In fact, if luck ..

Not really sleeping!

It's so easy to doze off while travelling. I am forever missing stops while travelling because of my habit of sleeping off. I have a gift of falling asleep anywhere, any time. When I travel in metro, I realize I am not the only one who has been blessed. ..
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