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Evolution of Human Consciousness by DNA Activation

Activation of DNA
Consciousness may also be defined as a state dependent property of an undefined type of complex, adaptive and highly interconnected biological system (i.e. of Human Body and Mind). The body and the Universe come from the same source, obey the same rhythms, ..

Lanuage and Communication Barriers in Scientific Studies

There are several issues which arise while we study Science and Consciousness. At the normal scale we observe objects and phenomenons and therefore are able to visualize classical situations without any problem. But the concepts which occur at Planck ..

The other line always moves faster!

There is an old saying "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", there are no laws of physics or theory associated with this, still it is better known as Murphy's Law. Murphy's law came from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at Dayton, Ohio in the ..

The Case of overwhelming numbers!!!

large nos
King Shirham was one of the victims of growing numbers, he wanted to reward his vizier Sissa Bin Dahir for creating the game of chess. This Vizier very humbly bending down on this knees told the King, “Majesty, my request is very simple, give me a grain ..

The Challenges of Consciousness Studies : A Review

In this article I deal with, Consciousness viz. one of the most familiar and the most mysterious aspect of our existence. The Conscious experiences define our lives, but the subjective, private, and qualitative nature of these experiences seems to resist ..

Interactive Paradox

If you are reading this, it is quite evident that you haven't ignored the message that I had asked you to ignore. But you couldn’t have known that it asked you to ignore it, till the time you noticed it. When you had noticed it, there was no way of ..
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