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MY MOVIE – Inspired by ‘The Bucket List’
This was supposed to be just a comment on Rashida’s Bucket List, but it got way too big so I thought, why not post it as an article! It is inspired by Rashida’s Bucket list which is way too beautiful and made ..

Sudoku of Life

  Not just Archimedes, but all us experience eureka moment/s in which discover new concepts, build new relations and get the vision to see similarities in things poles apart. I experienced one such ‘Eureka’ moment on Saturday morning while ..

Lessons from a Cyclonic Morning

It’s been raining at Chennai since last one week; the roads as usual get waterlogged during this season and traffic chokes all the main arterial roads in the city.  One such long wait in the traffic reminded me of an incident that happened last year. Late ..

The Bucket List

bucket 2
Not very long back... maybe like 10-odd years ago, I read somewhere about creating a bucket list. I don't really remember what triggered it. However, just like an itch that needs to be scratched, soon after, I ventured into creating a bucket list for ..

Chand sawaal, Ik dagar aur Mein (Hindi)

Mai chalta ja raha hun ik anjaan dagar Kai sawaal dil me apne dabaaye magar Kahan hai manzil meri, kahan hai mujhe jana Kaun hai sathi mera, kya hai mujhe pana Kyun yun hi mai roz ghar se nikalta hun Kisliye din bhar yahan wahan bhatakta hun Maksad ..


They say that money can help you buy books but not knowledge. They say that money can help you buy gifts but not love. They say that money can help you buy a house but not build a home. They say that money can help you buy a bed but not a content sleep. They ..

Humanity has no language!
  Today while travelling in the Mumbai local while on my way to work, I had this brief encounter with this Marathi lady which triggered a few questions, thoughts and insights in my mind! Now I don’t have to tell you how jam packed the Mumbai ..


There are many emotions and feelings that drive us human beings. Some for the better, some for the worse. Amongst them is guilt. This is the feeling you get when you feel yourself responsible or are made to feel responsible for unfortunate turn of events. ..

Ay Zindagi (Hindi)

Kabhi maine tujhe yun rakkhaa K jaise ik khuli kitaab ho.. teri har shay jo mujhse vabasta hui goya koi tohfa naayaab ho... Kabhi tum yun aan mili mujhe Jaise chandni ghulti ho syah raat me.. Ajab kashish liye un aankho me Aur Geele fasaane har ..

Some Inspiration!
I can never be what you want me to be I can never be what you expect me to be I don’t want to be what you wish me to be Because when I walk out of your life You’ll miss the person that was me And realize that even with all my imperfections I ..
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