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Just a bit broken

broken girl
I know, I am quiet I know, i am silent Some where deep down inside, I cry in the middle of a night, I wake up at times, a dream makes me re live a pleasant thought and at times, a dream makes me feel alive I know, I am careless and arrogant I know, ..

Together They Knew

She waited, In her heart she waited, Waiting for him to break the Silence, The Silence that was drowning her in herself. He wished, For a little dream he wished, Wishing that she would see and know The love for her in the words he drowned. She ..

Fragrance of a Loss

I could smell The fragrance of a loss Tempting as it was It wanted me to fall Make the same mistakes again Walk the same route again It was irresistible As charming as a pretty witch Trying to work its way over me Intoxicating ..

Yaaran naal bahaaraan (Punjabi)

Yaaran naal bahaaraan Kade kaale bullet diyaan savaariyaan Te kade ferari vargiyaan kaaraan Kade takkne sohne sunakhe munde te kade taadniyaan sohniyaaan sunakhiyaan naaran Yaaraan naal hi sachiyaan bahaaraan naal hon taan aishaan hi aishaan Kaleyan ..

Marriage Blues!

Background : I was just on my way back home last night, and on my way saw some couples enjoying the rains. I felt a pang of lonliness in my heart, and it is to this moment that I dedicate this poem to: Its the marriage season, they say, I look around ..

What lies beneath, Truth n Lies…

What lies beneath, truth n lies We value some, for some we breathe We take them for granted, for some we dump them Relationships and friendships are always tricky Few become a reason for laughter Some make u cry all night n some let u sleep peacefully They ..

Lullaby (Version 1.01)

I wanted to sing you a lullaby, If only I knew the words right I would have held you tight, But I had to leave that night, We could have counted the words together, Just like the stars in the sky It would take the entire life If we had the time, I ..

Lullaby (Version 1)

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 Sing me a lullaby Cos I can’t sleep tonight Hold me tight And whisper to me Comfort me with words Count the stars with me Hold me tight And let it be Cos I am scared tonight Just want you by my side Need to see you smile When you look at ..

We, The Puppets
I see but I am blinded Blinded by the farce playing out The farce being played by all of us The puppets tied by a string on the earth I don’t want to go but I am moving Moving against my will They say its all destiny If it is all planned, then ..

Spirit of Fire

Like a neon light, In the darkest night, Like a blooming flower, In wilderness spread afar, Stands out a girl, In a uniform world. With a blazing soul, And free-spirited dreams, Shackled in chains, With a stereotypical hold. A night of blunder, And ..
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