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Independent and Single

single woman
I know I act silly n confused at times, I might not know how to play with words Politics is not my cup of tea I am honest n blunt I can say things straight in your face Looking  right into your eyes I don’t need you to pull a chair for me I ..

Humsafar (Hindi)

Zindagi ke us anjaan safar me, Wo yunhi chalta raha mere saath Jaane kitne sawaal aankhon me liye, thaame haathon me haath Hansta muskurata, aur kabhi bebaak ho ke yun hi khilkhilataa chehra jiska Takiye ki silwaton, coffee ke cup aur kitaab ke panno ..

I am Just a Girl

I am just a girl, few dreams few thoughts I am fond of fun and laughter, be it sorrow be it life I just want to forget all my issues, and work it out somehow I am just a girl, I love being talked about Hard work is not just my life, it is actually ..


The opposite of life, thats what they call you. The absence of life, thats what you really are. You can claim bodies, you can claim souls, You bring despair, prolonged fear and lost hope. Powerful you are, with your overwhelming darkness, Engulfing ..

Ever Danced in the Rains?

rain dance
  Have you ever danced in the rain? Do you remember those little paper boats you sailed? Jumping up and down, running all around Opening the umbrella and throwing it down Did you see those rain drops dancing for you? The thunder is the ..

Who Are You?
Who are you? A face never seen A voice never heard A touch never felt   Yet there you are Being with me There with me A part of me   Yet there you are A hallucination A dream A memory   Yet there ..

Chand sawaal, Ik dagar aur Mein (Hindi)

Mai chalta ja raha hun ik anjaan dagar Kai sawaal dil me apne dabaaye magar Kahan hai manzil meri, kahan hai mujhe jana Kaun hai sathi mera, kya hai mujhe pana Kyun yun hi mai roz ghar se nikalta hun Kisliye din bhar yahan wahan bhatakta hun Maksad ..

The Leaf
  It was dying Lying all alone at its feet At the mercy of the cruel Autumn wind Withering and shriveling It was at its life's end "Why me", it wondered "Why me, out of thousand others Who still clung to that giant old tree Proud of its ..

My First Love!
It was a relationship of its kind We were meant to be together, forever Everyone expected us to It was perfect, our relationship Nothing in the world could ruin it We laughed together We cried together We hoped together We dreamt together We ..

A Place Far Away!
  If I could just take you away To a place far far away Just you and me And me and you And love that simply stays And grows stronger day by day Transcending all the boundaries That we could have ever thought of Together ..
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