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Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love!
We tend to take a lot of things in our life for granted. Love just happens to be one of them. We forget how important it is, we forget how wonderful it is. Suddenly, the beauty of the feeling vanishes and somewhere down the path, we are only left with ..

Confessions of a Work-a-Holic Part 1 – Friends

I am single, live alone in a city far away from my own and I am a self-proclaimed Work-a-holic! Well if you work 10 hours a day, I guess you are eligible for this title yourself! So here I've decided to start my own personal Work-a-holic diary, which ..

Parallel Universes

heart vs mind
And, no, I do not mean the celestial line-up around the Sun! I mean all those people all around us. Lives lived. Lives lost. Again, lives lost here does not imply death of a person. Just death of a relationship. In whatever form it may have earlier existed. I ..

The Mystery of Relationships!

One of my close relatives began their journey towards the most holiest pilgrimage in Islam, Hajj, last weekend. Its ritualistic for close family and friends to wish you well for the journey and experiences. People parting, crying, making each other smile, ..

Lullaby (Version 1)

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 Sing me a lullaby Cos I can’t sleep tonight Hold me tight And whisper to me Comfort me with words Count the stars with me Hold me tight And let it be Cos I am scared tonight Just want you by my side Need to see you smile When you look at ..

Silence – A Docile Killer

Silence means different things to different people after a fight; If: A girl remains quiet for a long time and stays, she wants you to come back. She still tends to hold on to you! What you must do: Don't make her wait for long. She might ..


  Tomorrow you may get married to a working woman, but before you decide to marry her, you should marry with a few facts as well. Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are; who is earning as much as you do. One, who has dreams and aspirations ..

Prophet Says

It's so good to know that you have someone who'll be willing to help you cope up in every frustrations you're having. Every depressing moments, every down moments, every self-worthless-realization moments, he'd be there, not because you want someone ..

Love and It’s Alliances

What is love? It is one of the million dollar question for the mankind. Centuries have passed by, relationships have bloomed and so has love. But no one can give the proper definition of  love. To some Love is friendship set on fire, for others Maybe ..

Sapno Ka Safar (part 2)

Aaj jab dev office gaya, pehli baar jaa raha tha office shaadi ke baad. Uske liye khana banana, ghar kaa kaam sab use bahut achaa lag raha thaa. Dev ko office ke liye bhej kar woh yaad karne lagi apnaa pichlaa waqt. "Mumma mujhe chocolate chahiye", Angel ..
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