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A Place Far Away!
  If I could just take you away To a place far far away Just you and me And me and you And love that simply stays And grows stronger day by day Transcending all the boundaries That we could have ever thought of Together ..

Ay Zindagi (Hindi)

Kabhi maine tujhe yun rakkhaa K jaise ik khuli kitaab ho.. teri har shay jo mujhse vabasta hui goya koi tohfa naayaab ho... Kabhi tum yun aan mili mujhe Jaise chandni ghulti ho syah raat me.. Ajab kashish liye un aankho me Aur Geele fasaane har ..

The Relationship Expiry Theory

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 Okay, first the due credit for this theory goes to Shraiya Sharma and Apoorva Satsangi as it was during one of our “Hangouts” that I came up with this theory. Second of all, I’d like to thank Priyanka Chhaparia for approving this one as she ..
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