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Sapno Ka Safar (Part 4)

"Tu kyun aayi mere bete ki zindagi mein.." Mummaa ko daadi ne dhakka mara or chantaa bhi; woh choti si angel apni maa ko uthaane daudi Naanu naani bhi ab tak pahuch chuke the, jaise hi woh ander aaye, angel unki godi mein chali gayi; "Naanu, ..

Same Pinch

I take the company bus to work every day. Well every day that I wake up on time that is; otherwise I have to request one of the senior managers who live around to give me a lift in their car to which they comply. My stop is at a Domino’s near my house ..

Sapno Ka Safar Part 3

Darwaze ki ghanti baji. Maa ne jaake kholnaa chaha, to daadi boli "tu ruk mein dekhti hoon, tu is manhoos ko le jaa yahan se.." Police thi. Hum sab chonk gaye, yeh yahan kyun aaye hain?? "Yeh "Dharam shah" ka ghar hai?" "Haanji",  daadi boli "kya ..


He was standing near the hospital entrance waiting for the rains to stop. The sudden rains had brought things to a jam in the city. Since he hadn’t brought an umbrella he couldn’t walk and the traffic was too slow moving to take a cab. He reached ..

Sapno Ka Safar (part 2)

Aaj jab dev office gaya, pehli baar jaa raha tha office shaadi ke baad. Uske liye khana banana, ghar kaa kaam sab use bahut achaa lag raha thaa. Dev ko office ke liye bhej kar woh yaad karne lagi apnaa pichlaa waqt. "Mumma mujhe chocolate chahiye", Angel ..

Sapno ka safar (part 1)

Sapno ka safar
Maldives ko kaise bhool sakti hai woh. Ek aisi jagah , jahan pe woh baar baar jaana chahegi. Yaad hai woh din, jab pehli baar use flight pakadni thi. Kitni excited thi woh. Nayi nayi shaadi hui thi.  Kaun aisaa hai jo excited nahi hoga. Har kisi ..

Life’s Greatest Lessons

When I was a kid, my mom liked to cook dinner for us. She was almost fond of cooking for us. One night in particular, when she had made dinner after a long,  hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my mom placed a plate of bread jam and extremely ..

The last twelve hours

When you’re in love you want to spend all your possible time with that someone special. You want to wake up the first thing in the morning to the wonderful sight of that person close to you. It was the same with him, except that now he was regretting ..

Courage to face a lifetime

He was feeling uneasy today, again. He had been feeling so for the last few days now. He stood up from his chair and walked towards his window to slide it open. The view was wonderful. In the night he could see all the houses ahead with their lights as ..
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