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You are, what you read!

I was introduced to the world of books early in my life. My childhood was spent dreaming adventures of Nancy Drew and Secret Seven.  I may sound ancient but fortunately Harry Potter was introduced much later.  The appeal of Darcy still holds true, ..

Why is reality TV so unreal?

Let's be honest. I never did like reality TV at all. Never. Ever. Not for a moment. The idea that TV can be real repulses me. When I was tiny and growing up in the middle of India in the 80's TV had just started making inroads into Indian households ..

Outage equals chaos here

"The power grid failure has given us international fame" a student declared, reading an article from Washington Post . "No wonder team Anna suggests that it is an deliberate attempt by the Government to sabotage their agitation", he added. Well, he was ..

Lets Start Fresh: Join the Hands

Tri Colour
Here is my first sharing on My Share Cafe. Thanks Anhad Kashyap for giving me the idea of connecting so many like minded people through the similar stage! An old saying goes, a speck of dust is enough to create a sand storm! India ~ the seventh largest ..

Good v/s Evil!

Google Images
I have two theories about Good and Evil. In some places they seem to contradict each other while in the others, they just seem to reinforce each other. They may not be connected at all and that whole thread is up to you to look and judge because every ..

The Untold Story of Many…

child abuse
“Abuse leaves its mark; the earlier it is inflicted, the deeper the wound.” Abuse is faced by all in one way or the other, because as much as we may wish it, life is not perfect. However, facing abuse and being forced to mature at the age of six ..

The Mass Tragedy

"Tragedy of the Commons" is a dilemma which was first published in 1968 journal called Science, This was written by ecologist Garrett Hardin. This dilemma has relevance in lot many fields, right from Environment, Politics, Organization, Traffic Control ..

Women in India

Udaipur village women
Just another day in the busy saga called India. In a country of a few billion, what are a few negative incidents - no different that the pickles lying next to our dal-rice. After all, its a country where most of the population is still struggling at ..

Organisational Philosophy

Organizational philosophy
WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT? “It is not the Infrastructure which makes a University good, it is the Quality of Education”  – Dr. M.B. Lal Sahab The most applicable definition of Development is “Development is Technology”. If Development is Technology, ..

Digital Expressions

The world will never cease to amaze me. Just when you think you have seen it all, done it all and thus, know it all, it knocks you down once again. You can never say you know it all. Blame Darwin. Evolution. Humans through times have evolved from being ..
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