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Evolution of Human Consciousness by DNA Activation

Activation of DNA
Consciousness may also be defined as a state dependent property of an undefined type of complex, adaptive and highly interconnected biological system (i.e. of Human Body and Mind). The body and the Universe come from the same source, obey the same rhythms, ..

Global Warming and Bad Coding

20120731 13_2012-08-22_14-02-31
Recently got a chance to tune a SQL query, which was around 5000 lines long. This SQL was very clumsy, used around 2000 lines of decode statements, and it took around 9-10 hrs to retrieve any results, and was a big drain on the CPU resources. It was business ..

Lanuage and Communication Barriers in Scientific Studies

There are several issues which arise while we study Science and Consciousness. At the normal scale we observe objects and phenomenons and therefore are able to visualize classical situations without any problem. But the concepts which occur at Planck ..

The Mass Tragedy

"Tragedy of the Commons" is a dilemma which was first published in 1968 journal called Science, This was written by ecologist Garrett Hardin. This dilemma has relevance in lot many fields, right from Environment, Politics, Organization, Traffic Control ..

Real Time Declaration of Production in Manufacturing Plant

Project Title: Real Time Declaration of manufacturing and assembly Scope: Transmission, Hydraulic, Engine, & Aggregate Assembly Brief about Real Time Declaration: IT solutions for Real time declaration of the assembly of a part and its related ..

Organisational Philosophy

Organizational philosophy
WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT? “It is not the Infrastructure which makes a University good, it is the Quality of Education”  – Dr. M.B. Lal Sahab The most applicable definition of Development is “Development is Technology”. If Development is Technology, ..

Late night movie thoughts!

Controlling the mind and thoughts is fundamental to almost all the Eastern Religions. In Taoism it is said "The fool is controlled by thoughts, The wise men control thoughts". Control of mind and thoughts for stability and everlasting happiness, forms ..

The Challenges of Consciousness Studies : A Review

In this article I deal with, Consciousness viz. one of the most familiar and the most mysterious aspect of our existence. The Conscious experiences define our lives, but the subjective, private, and qualitative nature of these experiences seems to resist ..

Holistic Brand Management

As a marketer, it helps to observe more. Specially when people are responding to a query about their choice or preference. Consider this. When someone asks you 'what' would your next car be?  How do you answer? Is your reponse to a simple and straight ..

The Game Theory

ice cream
While driving around India gate, have you ever wondered why most (if not all) ice cream vendors are stacked together in a small huddle. Ever noticed, that highway ‘dhabas’ exist mostly in close clusters. Or maybe, next time when you take a ..
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