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Please Reconsider – Think Again……

think again
If you think I am snobby because I wish to walk alone; it could be that I don't want to stand in your way, If you think I always act buzzy; maybe I was trying just a bit harder to run away from life, If I cry; please don't think that I need your ..

Brand Modi – Buy at your own risk

'Modi'fied republic
Some call him a salesman and some saviour. But after a long time India has seen a leader who cannot be ignored. I can say, Modi is one of the most controversial and also the most loved public figure of today’s politics since Indira Gandhi. From ..

बेवकूफ़ों की भरमार

बेवकूफों की यहाँ कमी नहीं,भई, हम भी तो हैं खडे हुए। सडकों की यहाँ कमी नहीं ,दो पत्थर जो हैं पडे हुए ..

The Biggest Online Indian Shopping Bonanza, EVER!

It is the Great Online Shopping Festival! The first of its kind to ever hit India! Aren’t you guys excited about it? Go check out the website and let the shopaholic in you take over. With amazing brands and multiple ranges to choose from, ..
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