Cocktail –  A Cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients-at least one of the ingredients must be a “spirit”. Errrr…. Sorry I got carried away with this, as it was the literal meaning of the word Cocktail as suggested by Google which I think, the makers of this movie took too seriously.

 Cocktail the movie – well a heterogeneous concoction of fun, songs, smiles, sobs & spirit. This Homi Adajania flick is very common blend of Friendship turned into a Love triangle where a girl loves a boy, but the boy does not love that girl, instead the boy loves the girl’s best friend who in-turn does not love him back. Tangled relationships knotted with funny moments and wonderful music is the gist of this flick.

Apart from catchy songs & super sexy locations, the film has little to show off. Screenplay remains patchy throughout, with sluggish-witty-sluggish-touching-sluggish moments. Treatment of the ancient Love-Triangle plot is modern and Homi has effortlessly managed to sync “Friends with Benefits” “No Strings attached” kind of outlawed relationships, obviously in Indian Society, and it definitely strikes a chord with contemporary viewers.

Acting Department – Saif Ali Khan is incredible as Gautam, a happy go lucky kind of chronic flirt with a penchant to single girls and cheesy pick-up lines, mommy’s son though.  Diana Penty aka Meera is a typical Desi who dons long salwar kameez n dupatta in London as well. She is fresh n convincing in her lonely Hindustani girl, stranded in Firang-land character. It is Deepika Smokinhottt Padukone who steals the show. This long legged sultry siren plays rich n impulsive Veronica with heart of gold who is archetypal party animal. Dimple Kapadia & Boman Irani are seasoned actors and their performances easily establish this fact. Randeep Hooda is wasted as Kunal.

Two’s company, Is three a crowd ? Well, definitely No, if you plan to spend a weekend over “Cocktail”….


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6 Responses to Cocktail….

  1. Anubhav says:

    1 half was awesome but ending was pathetic . one time MUST watch.

  2. Alakh Sehgal says:

    Normally, most of the Bollywood movies are made on similar, 1st half like, 2nd half pathetic pattern….

  3. Not seen the movie. But the plot sounds familiar :)

  4. Alakh Sehgal says:


  5. Snigdhabasu bash says:

    “Friday the 13th” ….Official release date for Cocktail and out pops my real life COCKTAIL- my little hurricane- Rudraa.
    Here I was all set to watch cocktail , waiting for it to release and thinking that this and The dark Knight might be my last movies for a while before I encounter sleepless nights but my madrasi-bong cocktail had plans of his own :)
    Cheers anyway!

  6. Alakh Sehgal says:


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