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Color therapy is a treatment method to heal a problem with the help of colors. Color therapy use all 7 color of spectrum for healing purpose. Every color has its own energies like hotness, coldness, dryness, etc… based on these energies specific colors used for specific ailment. How u energies chakra with color and in turn, can treat different organ related to specific chakra. Also, how to heal a problem by drinking color energized water and many such aspect of color therapy are there. Color therapy in itself is complete treatment method and easy to practice as well.

Pour water in a crystal glass and cover the glass with colored cellophane paper and keep it under light on a wooden surface for 6-8 hour and drink. This will treat the specific problem for which treatment is done. If you keep a pyramid of same color on top of glass the result would be many fold. Cost of one pyramid range from Rs.150-350.

  1. Red – for Gonads, kidneys, spine, sense of smell, Stability, Grounding and Survival.
  2. Blue – Throat, ears, mouth, hands. (For children’s in cold & cough)
  3. Yellow – Stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas. (For Acidity and good digestion system) everyone should drink this.

Any many more…. If anyone wants to ask any treatment for any specific problem please feel free to ask. I will try to give you the best feasible method.


Meera Srivastava.

One Response to Colour Therapy

  1. Meera,

    Thanks. This seems like magic.

    What I believe is that there is a lot of value in naturopathy and alternate therapies.

    What I fail to understand though, why these therapies have not got a wide acceptance and usage. Why is still considered a niche.

    Are there established and proven case studies, that mdical fraternity can not deny. Why isnt this getting penetrated in the mainstream?

    Are the results of alternate therapies, tangible and measurable?

    In what way?

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