Concrete Jungles


I work for a company in Gurgaon. Drive through the traffic everyday. I see people moving, progressing rapidly. No brotherhood of man and no fatherhood of God, survival of the fittest, exhausting resources. I am dying to see green areas in Gurgaon.

I was once having chai at a Khokha near by Cyber Park, Jharsa Gaon, I like to interact with villagers. I was shocked to hear the facts. Ramden, a farmer was the owner of 10 kilas in the area where CYBERPARK was made. One fine day a big developer offered him a huge amount of money for the land. Ramden gave all his land and in return got crores of rupees. He did not how to utilize the money as he was not educated. His son, started spending money and got into all sorts of bad habbits. He got into an affair with a widow and gave all his property to the Lady. Ramden and his son now dont have a single penny and property. Ramden works as a watchmen in a company.

Friends, agriculture is very important. Why are our farmers not taking it seriously, why is farming and agriculture not given a good status in our society. The huge buildings which we see in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi are not a sign of progess. Friends this is not progess, progress is when we have control over power, when we have the maturity to use technology. It has been said by a very noble and great soul, “it is not the infrastructure which makes a university good, it is the quality of education” (APPROX.). We need to improve from within rather than wear a beautiful dress.

SAY NO TO CONCRETIZATION…. NO MORE CONCRETE JUNGLES… GREEN GREEN & GREEN everywhere. & for those who deal with lands. You guys should focus on agriculture and can start outsourcing agriculture rather than selling and purchasing lands. Cause the future which i see is NO ELECTRICITY, NO FUEL, ROADS BLOCKED WITH TRAFFIC, NO FIELDS, NO FOOD… and if u guys feel i am getting hyper please go to Gurgaon and Delhi and see the Traffic Jams… In future when we would be able to develop intelligent systems, with quantum computing, fuzzy logic and all sorts of concepts, we would be able to improve the current systems but the RATE OF PROGRESS OF TECHNOLOGY < RATE OF PROGRESS OF TRAFFIC & CONCRETE JUNGLES. Always remember. Solution to all the ablove is SELF IMPROVEMENT & EDUCATION…..

It is complexity and chaos which is primarily driving the mindsets of people these days. The depletion of values and morals is a consequence of decision making problems and lack of objectivity which can only be achieved by religion and education…For those who judge people by their car, I would say, stand on the road like a statue and observe the traffic for 1 hour continuously and then question¬†yourself whether we would be left with any fuel in the coming 10 years. And then, one would automatically be self convinced about the fact that CAR is no more a parameter for judging a person. :)
As our market has a break even, so does culture and I am convinced that these things would worsen :)

Who is rich?
a: A person who has 1 crore and no vision.
b: A person who has 1 crore and can make 10 out of it.

Who is more developed?
a: A person with a Nokia 1100 using all features effectively
b: A person with a Apple iPhone but no feature utilization.

What is development?
a: Technology
b: Maturity to Use Technology

I guess people need to differentiate between the two approaches

3 Responses to Concrete Jungles

  1. Anukool says:

    Very well written, Some body told me “there is enough on this planet for everyone’s need but not for greed”. We will never be able to develop ourselves or society till our motives are self-centred and driven by greed.

  2. Hi Anhad, as a gurgaonite myself can feel the connect in every description of yours.

    The question is what you or me or the readers of this thought can do in our own capacity to make a difference.

    You have mentioned self improvement and education. Anukool in his article “Who is educated” raised this question if mere education is itself a panacea to social behaviour?

  3. Radhasoami,

    What do we learn from Dayalbagh (In a worldly way)?

    Dayalbagh is a religious society/community having great potential in terms of money, technology and agriculture. What makes a difference. It is the approach. Dayalbagh proves from time to time that IT HAS THE MATURITY TO USE RESOURCES.

    Economy is the most important factor which makes DB great. Reducing waste and increasing utilization.

    Why does my organization require a new IT tool in every 6 months with 100 new features. Do we ever evaluate how well we had utilized the existing tool. NO

    The problem is of ECONOMY.

    What has education given to us? How are DB students different from others?

    Education does not give us a technical skill only. The technology may change tomorrow. What education gives is an approach of structuring problems, a scientific attitude which not only needs to be applied in your specific domain but in every domain.

    DEI invests in a holistic development of students.


    * Problem Occurs

    1.Refer to History: One should have knowledge of history so that he can know that in the past how was such an issue dealt with.
    2.Analysis of Problem: One should have a structured approach to analyze and model the current problem
    3.Model The Problem: Model the problem using tools. One should have the knowledge of tools. Word/excel, Video Editing, Mathematical Tools, etc etc.
    4.Presenting with Creativity: This is where the Hindi, English Poetry or Music, Art Craft play an important role. The creativity which one derives from these activities is reflected in the presentation. Dohas, Shlokas etc are creative addons to a presentation.

    The presentation made based on above steps is an ideal presentation and DEI has made students competent enough to do these steps innocently :)

    Kshtriya, Bhramand, Vaishya and Shudra. Quality of all these Varnas made DEI Students unique.

    Microprocessor Subject which I learnt at DEI was not the education which would help me sustain in this world. It is the other factors mentioned above which I have received from DEI and DB which help me in having a holistic view of problems.

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