Confessions of a Work-a-Holic Part 2 – The Runaway Romance!



We all wonder how it would feel to “Run Away”. Sounds fancy? Dreamy, perhaps? It even has a tinge of adventure, excitement and an adrenalin rush all packed into one. We dream about it, we plan for it, we make up fancy situations and stories inside our head. It is equivalent to starting new, starting afresh, like reading a brand new book or writing a brand new story. You can simply start all over again!

Don’t we all want it? A chance to restart our life in a new, different place? Away from the same old crowd, within the same old judgments, among the same old inhibitions! How on earth are we suppose to rediscover ourselves if we don’t break away from what is regular, routine, boring. It’s like our one and only chance to break free and live that grand epic adventure we all have been harboring inside our hearts.

Work-a-holics feel this temptation the most, a chance to re-start their systems all over again and maybe live it a little differently, so that at least this time they are happier.

A single, work-a-holic living in a city all on their own, someone like me, it seems like a secret romantic fantasy that lives inside my heart, basically seducing it (my heart) to do stuff it would never do in normal circumstances. But I guess exceptions can be made, you know, when you know you want it and it feels right and some stuff like that. And I truly wouldn’t mind giving in either, to taste the forbidden fruit of “rebel”, to be out there on my own and romance life itself.

Every Work-a-holic dreams about it, they could feel it within their reach. And why not, we live alone, we are on our own, it would be so easy to simply get lost in the huge crowd and never be found again. Just throw away your phones, leave your laptops at home, string up your backpacks and venture out in a world unknown. Ah, I see you all drifting away in your fantasies, wouldn’t it be just lovely to just do it once and for all and not think about it?

But the real question my friends is, why do you want to run away? Why are we too chicken to face what is actually bothering us rather than just making plans of running away, a dream that you and I know will never come true.

You don’t like your work? Change your job! Heck, change your line even! Don’t like your friends? Make new ones! How difficult could that be? Don’t like the way your life is dragging? Make changes! Sign up for dance classes, maybe photography, or anything that catches your fancy! Drag your lazy butt out of the bed and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! But the point is, face what you don’t like and change the damn thing.

Running away is not a solution. It never was. Life is not meant to be lived hiding in a cave, it is supposed to be lived out on the edge, romancing with the unexpected, seducing the unknown. The point is, you can’t discover yourself by running away. You’ll only trap yourself more and get more frustrated. You can only discover what you are truly capable of by pushing yourself to the limits, by dealing with the situations around you and by controlling them to your benefits.

Because as I always reiterate, you yourself are responsible for your happiness. No one else will come and hand it down to you on a silver platter. Heck, that silver platter doesn’t even exist. And running away will not help you find happiness; it will only make you more lonely and frustrated.

So get out there!

Make those little changes in life and do what makes you happy.

Surround yourself with happy people!

Follow your passions!

Because you only live life once, it’s worth it to do it right (or maybe wrong, as I hope to!) the first time!

3 Responses to Confessions of a Work-a-Holic Part 2 – The Runaway Romance!

  1. Hiral Shah says:

    Yeah dude!! Your article inspires me all the more to run away or atleast go on a holiday to an exotic location ;)
    Awesome!! Brilliantly written…somewhere deep down almost everyone feels this
    Amazing piece of read!!

  2. It is not always about running away in the negative connotation of the phrase, Swati! What if you really want to do that. What if that is indeed your calling..

  3. Swati Bhalla says:

    Hiral – Thank you so much for your encouragement! Glad that I could strike the right chords with this article! Thank you so much :)

    Sunny Bhaiyya – That does indeed sound too good to be true! It will be like being on a lifelong adventure, exploring, discovering and in the whole process, finding my own true self!
    But honestly, I don’t think I would be able to survive. I need the people who love me and who I love around me all the time.
    And on a funny note, you’ll miss me too much if I go on this grand epic adventure all by myself! :D

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