Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

We tend to take a lot of things in our life for granted. Love just happens to be one of them. We forget how important it is, we forget how wonderful it is. Suddenly, the beauty of the feeling vanishes and somewhere down the path, we are only left with the bitter memories we made. The older and more mature that we get, the more we start analyzing and logically defining love, so much so that we forget what it really means to be loved and truly love someone.

We, as mature human beings have a major failing in life. We Think. We Over-Think. We Analyze. We Over-Analyze. The older we get, the whole equation gets even more complicated that we forget the simplicity of it all!

Look at teenagers when they fall in love. They don’t think about the past, nor do they worry about the future. What is important is what they have today, the present, this moment and they live it fully, truly loving and being loved. And they are happy. That is what makes them happy.

Look at yourselves. Don’t you keep the baggage of your past on your poor little shoulders all the time? Don’t you keep planning and thinking and worrying about the future all the time? Aren’t all your decisions based on what you did and what you wish to do rather than what you are currently doing? We are just wasting time, that’s it.

There are things in life which are not complicated; we just want them to be. You see, love is supposed to be a grown up thing, how in the world then can it be simple and fun?

The deal my dear friend is simple. If you feel light headed, if you have butterflies in your stomach and if your heart pounds every time you meet, see or even think about that someone special, relish it, enjoy it and most of all just fall with it. It is a wonderful feeling being in love. But you can’t do it with a baggage on your shoulders or while planning for your future.

And most importantly, fight for it. Don’t give up. I know you might not always get that fairy tale endings or your happy ever after because this is indeed the real world, but hey you never really know you just might get lucky! As the quote says, ‘To even believe in the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing”. And indeed it is true!

So if you think you are in love, then fight for it. Because you don’t want to ever look back at your life, thinking, wondering and most of all regretting with the question in your mind, ‘What if I had taken this chance, would my life be better today?” Because no matter how happy we are, we always like to delve with the ‘What If” possibilities, thinking that maybe the path not taken was indeed a better option.

So don’t torture yourself with it. Make room for love in your life. It will come silently, and slowly knock you off your feet ever so gently that you would love the feeling of falling. And when it does, fight for it with all your might. You never know it might actually be the best war you’ve ever fought in your life, and won of course.

Hope you do find love knocking on your doors and when you do, be the little child and embrace it openly with your entire heart! Revel in it, Guard it like your precious and fight for it. But just don’t let it go.

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2 Responses to Crazy Little Thing Called Love!

  1. Kriti says:

    Beautiful swati..just beautiful!! It is always a delight to read your articles..thank you for sharing for thoughts :)

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Thank you so much Kriti! You always encourage me to write! It’s your little encouragements which keep me going! :)

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