Ever Danced in the Rains?

rain dance


Have you ever danced in the rain?
Do you remember those little paper boats you sailed?
Jumping up and down, running all around
Opening the umbrella and throwing it down

Did you see those rain drops dancing for you?
The thunder is the music, the lightening gives the beats
And you dance along, completely letting yourself go
Like a little innocent kid whose happiness is pure

Do you see those people staring at you?
Hiding from the rain, they reprimand you and judge you
For getting wet and acting like a child
You’ll catch cold and it doesn’t look nice!

Who cares about decency when you are happy!
That pure unadulterated dose of pleasure
When you are free of all the burdens inside you
When you dance in the rain and it dances beside you

When you simply let go and find yourself
Your own true version which was lost somewhere
Somewhere on this journey you had taken till now
Aren’t you just happy to find it simply hid inside you?

Unlock it now and lose yourself in you
Let the rain fall and step out in it
Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you along
Hold my hand and just dance along

Dance to the music, groove with the beats
Feel those droplets of water falling on you
And lose yourself completely in the moment
You’ll end up finding yourself inside you.

*Photo Credits – sacurativo.blogspot.com

2 Responses to Ever Danced in the Rains?

  1. Vibha says:

    good one :)

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