Fantastic Four – The Rise of the Silver Surfer


This 2007 flick is the sequel to Fantastic Four relesed in 2005. Both films are based on famous comic book series, byt he same name.

Fast, laden with special effects, full of gape and gawk gizmology, this movie, while an improvement on its predecessor, is nevertheless a juvenile, simplistic picture that has little benefit beyond its special effects.

Super powers like strechy limbs (Reed), human torch infernos with flying powers (Jhonny), invisibility coupled with electrical force fields (Susan) or just sheer muscle power (Ben), combine together in this high octane drama, laced with state-of-the-art special effects, enough to give the kid in you chills, thrills and marvels.

Now a bit on actors. Alba and Chris ensure that you drool every time they appear on screen in their super hero avatars (special reference to scene where super power switch happens between ”Dynamic Duo” leading to this eye-ball popping beauty lying down on ground unclothed).  For Ioan Guffudd, he looks like a lucky nerd who somehow managed the get the hottest girl on planet, bit too “stretchy”. Ben, loaded with makeup is okey. Surfer is bit too icy n silvery with Fishburne’s voiceover leaving no impact.

So all those who loved Fantastic Four franchise comics in their childhood can grab their bowl of popcorns and surely watch this one on a lazy sunday afternoon. 

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