Good v/s Evil!

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I have two theories about Good and Evil. In some places they seem to contradict each other while in the others, they just seem to reinforce each other. They may not be connected at all and that whole thread is up to you to look and judge because every person has a unique way of perception and understanding concepts which have no real roots whatsoever.

And I may be entirely wrong in my understanding so just bear with my schools of thought.

Theory 1: BALANCE!

I read in Physics, that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. True, we all know and believe that so I got to thinking, there must be a balance point somewhere. I know that excess of anything can tip the balance and that could only bring destruction in some form or the other.

Everything in this world is about balance, Light – Dark, Yin – Yang, Positive – Negative, Day – Night and so on! It is all balanced! So why not Good and Evil? Even if it is a good thing, you need it’s opposite to balance it. So for all the goodness in this world, equal amount of evilness exist.

If there are two bad guys in this world then 1 person with goodness equivalent to those bad guys evilness would be there to restore the balance. Even if you read Mahabharatha and Ramayana, then for all the GODS that existed, there were “Rakshasas” too to counter balance them. And when any force increased and tipped the balance, there would be a war and the balance would be restored.

That stage called the Equilibrium stage always exists. (I had to get Economics in this too! *sigh*)

Example when you see in the movies that the villain becomes too powerful upsetting the balance in favor of more Evil, the Good guy with his heroic stunts comes and defeats the villain and restores the Equilibrium in the system (please don’t confuse this with Power Play although it is more or less the same point expressed by two different chains of thought).

Hence for every Goodness in this world, equal amount of Evilness exist and we have to live with that. Upsetting the balance would only lead to a war which will end only when the balance is restored or the Equilibrium is achieved. That is a stable position, any instability would only lead to movements either towards Goodness or Evilness, depending on whose balance has tipped off the scale in the first place.

Coming onto my second theory, it was more or less inspired by the “Black Swan” movie. I wouldn’t say inspired but it did encourage a chain of thoughts which led me to this conclusion. This may or may not be related to the first theory and it doesn’t necessarily have to, these are just two view points of a simple concept.

Theory 2: FAITH

There are two sides of the same coin, we all know about that. There are two versions of the same person too, a good one and an evil one – The White and The Red – The Angel and the Devil. And it exists together inside us like those two swans – The White angelic innocent swan with the Black devil evil swan.

We have always been taught to behave nicely with people, say kind words, never lose your temper or express yourself harshly to another person, say good, be good and do good. We have all grown up with that and indeed there are many people who have never said a harsh word or two to another soul in their entire lives!

But does that mean they are not evil? Here being evil is not a bad thing, but everyone has those moments when they must have thought something really bad for the world, for some particular person, some situation or simply something really bad. We all have had thoughts like that but it’s not necessary that they may translate into actions as well.

But what keeps our evilness in check? The rules of the society, no that has not stopped the terrorists from doing their thing. Fear of being reprimanded and exiled by the society? No, that maybe a fear for some but not for a truly evil person. Then what is it that keeps our behavior in check and our actions controlled?

It is the knowledge that some greater power way above can see our actions and hear our thoughts and although nobody has seen that power, that faith alone that one day they’ll be judged for every action they have taken, for every thought that has crossed their minds and that knowledge itself keeps or maintains that balance inside us, in our lives and in our hearts.

You can’t stop thoughts from coming and you succumb to it but that is not a crime. Look inside your own mind and imagine if another person could read your mind, how irritating and scary would that be! I am just glad that the mind is so well protected because I believe any individual alone has the right to judge himself/herself and no one else on this earth, except for the Supreme Father himself holds the right to judge him.

Anyways the point is everyone has good thoughts and evil thoughts but the fear of being judged by the Supreme Father maintains equilibrium in our minds, our actions, and our self.

Everyone has the choice of being that Black Swan, but your choice to be the White Swan is based on this Faith. And those who choose to be the Black Swan by the virtue of their choice become the Black Swans of the world.

And now when I go back to the first one, these Black and White Swans help maintain the balance in the whole world!

So again, speaking in terms of Economics, the first theory is the Macro view while the second is more at a Micro level perspective of things.

The balance of Goodness and Evil in our self makes us choose our color of the Swan, driven by the Faith in the Supreme Father of course and all these choices, when taken effectively evenly balances each other out hence maintaining Equilibrium in this world!

Of course it is just a theory and I may totally be wrong in my approach so correct me if you have a rebuttal for it!

Food for thought Folks. ;)

2 Responses to Good v/s Evil!

  1. Theory of relativity Swati!

    Think of it like this. If all living on the face of this earth were good, something called ‘good’ would seize to exist.

    Good-Bad is a relative concept. A good is always relative to something bad. With out this, good has no standalone meaning of its own!

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Exactly! To understand something better, its exact opposite needs to be studied which would then lead to far more insights into the thing we were studying in the first place, rather than concentrating on one phenomenon alone!

      Guess that is why there will always be two sides of the same coin – can’t be together, can’t exist without each other!

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