Good Bye Farooq!


A sense of loss always warrants an outburst. The saddening news of exit of actor, presenter and philanthropist Farooq Sheikh made me find my words to express once again, after a long time over.

Having stayed away from words and from My Share Cafe for so long, I was wondering if I would ever get back and how? But I have my answer today. Words are emotions expressed. It is like having a water in a glass. Water does have an innate property to flow, but it doesn’t till the glass that is holding it back, is broken. And once it does, it does not need any further push to keep going.

I remember writing a final goodbye for Jagjit Singh once. I understood that better. Jagjit Singh and I were connected. We shared many a sleepless nights together. But with Farooq Sheikh, the relation is somewhat less explicable.

Farooq for me was an embodiment of an era, a lifestyle and romance that I connect with the most.

If my facts are correct, Chashme Buddoor was released the exact year I was born.  So we are far separated, all right. But, yet connected. Even though I did not live in the era of relaxed youthfulness of the boy next door that Farooq represented, yet every time I sit and watch, am gripped.


No body considers me an eternal romantic like I do. Not even my better half, probably. But that does not bother me honestly, because my sense of romance would better reflect Farooq’s rather than let’s say Rajesh Khanna’s.

I was reading in one of Farooqs’ interviews that he found himself commercially less viable and never received the adulation commanded by Rajesh Khanna at his peak. Cars didn’t stop when he walked nor he received marriage proposals written in blood.

Yet to me and for many like me, Farooq had a charm! And his charm was more real, then reel. And hence probably, more lasting. Other few things that could well associate whither Farooq were grace and balance.

Ageing well isn’t something that comes to people easily. Specially those connected to the glitter and glamour of Bollywood. But it is for people like Farooq that the term gentlemen continues to be in circulation.

My tributes to him. Another era comes to a close with him. And a golden one in its own rights.

For those who have read this far and still haven’t understood what the fuss is all about have sure not seen some of the finest – Chashme Budddoor, Saath Saath, Shatranj Ke Khiladi, Baazaar, Katha, Rang Birangee..

Go watch them now..

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