Humanity has no language!


Today while travelling in the Mumbai local while on my way to work, I had this brief encounter with this Marathi lady which triggered a few questions, thoughts and insights in my mind!

Now I don’t have to tell you how jam packed the Mumbai locals are, especially during office hours and this was no different. As usual, I took my favorite spot at the gate itself as it is easier to get down on my station with lesser bruises as compared to if I was inside in the safe confines of the boogie. Now don’t judge me as I am no thrill seeker by standing at the edge of the train and appearing to be a daredevil, I just do that in my wonderland! But it is just more comfortable and easier rather than being squished inside by unknown ladies!

Well anyways, so this Marathi lady, with a huge basket over her head came and stood right next to me as we both had to get down at the same station. I was listening to the radio on my half broken headphones (only one works and yes I will buy a new one soon!) when she smiled at me. I smiled back and she said something to me in Marathi which I could not understand (I don’t talk Marathi you know). Anyways I just smiled and went back to listening to some song on the Radio when her basket kind of slipped over my head!

She hurriedly took it away and smiled apologetically at me and muttered something in Marathi and I smiled back and said Thank you cos you know, she took the basket off me! (Point to note: You are always polite to ladies in the Local Train cos if they get angry, they just might push you off!) (Just kidding, I just say “Thank You’s” and “Sorry’s” a lot! Freaking lot! Ask people who know me!)

Anyways, not deviating from the topic, so I went back to listening to the radio when she said something in Marathi to me and although I didn’t understand, it is rude not to reply to an old lady, so I just smiled and said “Haan haan” as a conversation ender, hoping she’ll take a hint that I don’t know Marathi and so would stop talking to me! I hate talking in the mornings, I just hate mornings so I am not really a morning person and not someone you wouldn’t want to speak to in the mornings because well, I would just throw something at you! Fiery temper you see! And people who know me would confirm that too!

Anyways coming back again, as you already figured it out, she didn’t take the hint and went on talking to me for the next 3 stations!!! People around her got the impression that I could barely understand her (my expressions just give me away!) as I would just smile and nod and occasionally chip in “Haan” or “Arre” and just smile at her. I would even laugh when I assumed she said something funny cos she would look at me, smiling and say something and then give me an expecting look, well you become a sort of an expert at those expressions if you happen to give them too!

But it was weird cos even if I didn’t understand Marathi, I seemed to be completely ok cos I knew when to nod my head in sympathy, when to smile, when to laugh and when to just nod my head! I mean I got the hint when I assumed she was complaining about the heat, but rest I was totally clueless!

But it’s not the language that really communicates right? If you take out the expressions and the body language from the conversation, words will make absolutely no sense at all! Words are lifeless and completely meaningless without expressions and body language, and they are not even important for communication if you know what I mean.

We see 2 people who can’t even understand each other’s language fall in love in the movies. But that happens in reality too!! You go to a foreign country and without knowing each other’s language, you can find help, find hotel, find food, hell find anything if you just know how to communicate with your expressions and body language!

People understand, because they are essentially all the same! There is absolutely no difference between a French or an Indian or a Hindu and a Muslim, or a Black person or a White! They are all human beings, they think, they act, they eat, they live, they dream, they cry, they laugh, they work, they are happy, they are sad, phew! They are all the same! I don’t understand the need to discriminate, haven’t we all evolved together, don’t we all live on the same planet, don’t we all have the same genetical structure? Then why the discrimination? Why the barriers? Why the fights and why the territories?

Oh yes, maybe because being human also means being egoistical, greedy, self centered and selfish. And that’s what has created all these barriers, these dumb rules, this discriminatory society and that is why the world is going to the dogs!

Maybe if people just understood what “Being Human” actually meant, there won’t be any problems in this world, a smile would be enough to communicate and the world would be a big happy place! I may be naïve in my thinking that this could happen but trust me, 90% of the people in this world want peace, and they don’t give a damn about your race, religion, country, nationality or any other dumb criteria. It is actually the other 10% who are creating problems and if only someone would slap these 10% and make them see how incredibly dumb they are, the world would indeed be a happier place.

At least in a Utopian world, that is, but worth a thought, isn’t it?


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2 Responses to Humanity has no language!

  1. Ravi Prakash says:

    A good read Swati…and a well written post!
    You are absolutely right that communication does not need a language. It just needs 2 people with lot of expressions.

    However on peace, I beg to differ..90% of people want peace only until their peace is not disturbed. So, the Selfish factor is driving peace and also disrupting it.

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Yes Jiju, that is absolutely true but as long as there is peace in this world, who is to complain! I know that is a little wrong in my thinking but sometimes the result is more important rather than the way to get that!

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