I am Just a Girl


I am just a girl,
few dreams few thoughts
I am fond of fun and laughter,
be it sorrow be it life
I just want to forget all my issues,
and work it out somehow

I am just a girl,
I love being talked about
Hard work is not just my life,
it is actually my life
I love being appreciated for things I do
I know how to get what i want,
I know how to set things right

I am just a girl,
I have less time I know
There are so many things,
I want to achieve
I am not a super brain,
but my intellect is my strength
But still I have a lot to say, a lot to do,
give me liberty, sit back, and just watch the play

I am just a girl,
It feels good to be in love
It is great to have someone around
It’s awesome, but if you think you can rule me,
think again!

I might just be a girl,
but I have the ability to topple your world and turn the tables
Don’t underestimate me, I know I have the power
I know I have the courage to stand and for my right
I am strong enough to deal with anything at all

But yes, I am just a girl…..
I still look forward to love and be in love…

Image credits : Sibir.bg

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