I Guess

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I guess it’s ok to fall down once in a while
You can always get up and walk again
I guess it’s ok to cry once in a while
The laughter in you will eventually be back again
I guess it’s ok to get hurt once in a while
Cos someone will always come to fix you up
I guess it’s ok to lie once in a while
Besides the truth is always over rated
I guess it’s ok to get drunk and be wild
Life’s too boring when it is dull
I guess it’s ok to be a little crazy sometimes
Being normal can drive you insane
I guess it’s ok to break the rules sometimes
It’s good to breathe some free air
I guess it’s ok to be a little rebellious inside
Who wants to stick to the limits anyways?
I guess it’s ok to be adamant and stubborn sometimes
Too adjusting and people might take advantage
I guess it’s ok to be rude and brazen sometimes
Too nice and it looks like you are pretending
I guess it’s ok to be quiet and alone
Your soul needs some time from you too
I guess it’s ok to just let things go
Cluttering it all inside might be a little messy
I guess its ok not to know all the time
Life is much better when it is unplanned
I guess it’s ok to be scared sometimes
Not everyone is Gladiator you see
I guess it’s ok to be lost sometimes
You never know who might end up finding you
I guess its just ok to be me sometimes
To cry, to laugh, to act paranoid all the time
Get scared, be brave, and fight for what is right
Talk to myself, sing a bad song and break the walls
Dream big, take a fall and let myself get hurt
Watch dreams break, watch skies fall,
Then pick myself up and go take a walk
Hope, believe, have faith and lose it all over again
I guess it’s just ok to stop pretending sometimes
And show the world a bit of me inside
Come out of my shell sometime
And see the world with my own eyes
In all its colors dancing in front of me
And maybe I’ll dance along too
And then I guess everything will be fine
And I won’t be guessing anymore.


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2 Responses to I Guess

  1. Tulika says:

    swati, beautifully written!!! just couldnt stop myself from saying its awesome!! keep it up!!

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