I See

Aarti Bhalla

I see
Past the wall you’ve put up
Trying to hide from everybody
You think you’ve succeeded
Cos the wall is too high
But I’ve found a crack in it
Which shows me your true side
And yes, I can see 

I see
Past the darkness surrounding you
Hiding you completely
You think you’ve succeeded
                                                                   In hiding behind the shadows
                                                           But the light in your heart
                                      Guides me to you
                                      And yes, I can see

           I see
                                                          Past the masks you wear
                                                              Camouflaging the real you
                                                                  You think you’ve succeeded
                                                                                       In pretending to be what you are not
                                                                    But the honesty in your eyes
                                                                   Shines through the disguise
                                         And yes, I can see

          I see
                                             Past the lies you tell
                                                  Misleading everybody
                                                                You think you’ve succeeded
                                                      Cos the lies are too deep
                                                                                        But the truth you are trying to protect
                                                                         Is apparent in the words you say
                                     And yes, I can see

You may want to hide
You may want to disappear
You may wish to pretend
You may want to lie
But I’ll always see through them all
Cos I know you deep inside

Let me hold your hand
Trust me for a while
Let’s walk this path
Together for some time
I’ll help you break the walls
I’ll fill your life with sunshine
I’ll help you live with the truth
I’ll help you find yourself

The way your eyes lit up
The way you smile at me
The way you look in my eyes
The way you hear my every word
The way you hold me
The way you see me
Yes, I can see
It’s because I am looking
Looking at you

I see

* Photo Credits – Aarti Bhalla

2 Responses to I See

  1. Swati, another exellent read from you. Thanks! This is your second poem that highlights the feminist in you.

    In both your poems, I observed that your subjects had a subdued exteriror, but flaming inner desire to break free, achieve and do more.

    Is your representation, in some way a reflection at large of the state of women in this country that is still caught some where in between the traditional and the modern?

    Or is it more of a personal outlook?

  2. Swati Bhalla says:

    Well bhaiyya, the way you put it,No I am not really a feminist. Or maybe I never noticed my writings were in a way influenced by them!

    Usually it’s my personal outlook only but yes it can be interpreted in a more broader sense to include the state of women in this country. After all I am a part of it too ;)

    I think it all comes down to how many layers of interpretation you can give to my poems. The more the merrier :) I think that’s what makes a poem good!

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