I want to fly Higher…


I want to fly higher,
higher than the mountains
nearer to the sky
closer to the sea
away from fire and desire

I want to fly higher
lesser is my time
shorter is my life
more are my goals

Please let me be free
I want to fly higher

For I have the wings
for I have clearer skies
awaiting to embrace
and earth wanting to release

I want to fly higher
don’t clip my wings
don’t chip my aspirations
all I want is to fly higher
away from the boundaries of the world
away from the rituals of the society

for I have my wings
please let me fly and be free
free forever…

Even if I fall down
after I am tired
I would still try to fly higher
and be free

unchain me now
open the doors of cages
loosen my wings

for sky is waiting to embrace me
in white clouds with silver lining

Please let me be free
please let me fly higher
higher than the mountains
closer to the sea
nearer to the skies
earth awaits my release

I want to fly higher…

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