I Wonder…

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I wonder

What if there were no planes
Would you walk a 1000 miles just to see my face?

What if there were no mobiles
Would you climb on my window just to say goodnight?

What if there were no emails to write
Would you pass me little chits to make plans for tonight?

What if I had gone on a vacation far away
Would you count the days till I come back and miss me everyday?

What if I was angry with you
Would you look into my eyes and smile and make it fade away?

What if I was crying and sad and all alone
Would you hold me tight and whisper to me all night long?

What if I was old and grumpy and ugly
Would you still hold my hand and tell me you love me?

What if there was something called true love
Would you promise to give that to me forever?

What if all this was just a dream
Would you make it a reality for me?

What if I lost faith in us
Would you make me believe in love again?

What if I was dead and gone forever
Would you sit under the sky, point to the brightest star and believe it to be me?

I wonder

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2 Responses to I Wonder…

  1. Akanksha Singh says:

    Awsome Swati. Besutifully wondered :)

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