ICE AGE 4 – Continental Drift (3D)

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If you loved Madagascar 3 or even if you didn’t, you simply have to watch this movie! ICE AGE 4 is funny, lovable, so cute, awesome 3D effects, a soundtrack you’d really want to groove to, a story which will keep you enthralled and gasping for more and you’ll hate it when they declare INTERMISSION!

In one word, it is AWESOME! I couldn’t stop laughing even for one second, and oh the squirrels (or whatever they were) were so cute! Sid was crazy and Diego ferocious, brave and sexy, Manny was the perfect father, the perfect husband and a damn good friend but the one who truly stole the show was Sid’s Granny and her Precious! She was downright hilarious and oh so lovable and gross and simply adorable in so many ways!

Scrat with his acorn enlightened us on how the continents were actually created and that if you loved something too much, it will continue to tease you and elude you forever! And the end result, a series of hilarious fatal to the earth accidents which you’ll die laughing watching!

The story is simple. The 3 friends with the Granny get marooned on an iceberg ship and get separated from their family and they make it back to them and save all the animals despite the Pirates and the furry scary Captain Gutt and his gang of misfits and lunatics. Diego falls in love with the pirate Shira and Sid gets his family and Manny not only finds his family back but also wins his daughter’s love and respect and saves Ellie!

The war between the pirates and our heroes is awesome as one uses his weapons and meanness while the other uses their wits! It is simply hilarious and awesome to watch them battle it out in a bid to get back home and home and you’ll end up cheering for our fuzzy and oh so lovable characters!

Peaches understands the meaning of true friendship and the disappointment of a failed infatuation and realizes that it is not worth changing what she is for someone else, because if they can’t accept you for what you really are, then they don’t certainly deserve you and your love! Her friendship with the hedgehog Louis survives despite all and what you get is a tale of love, friendship and crazy mad fun! And Crash and Eddie are as stupid, dumb and funny as ever!

It’s a beautiful movie with some awesome effects! The squirrels are simply adorable and so cute! It is totally worth it to watch in 3D because the effects are so cool, the editing completely flawless, a cute same old story but beautifully made and the soundtrack simply adds to it!

Take your kids, go wear those 3D glasses and escape into the ICE AGE! You’ll love every bit of it!

After all, it is ONE FAMILY you’ll end up falling in love with and hope to be a part of it!

Happy watching Folks!

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