If basics were free..


I breathe fine but it’s not Oxygen.

Even if it is, it’s diluted

I eat fine, there is no compromise there.

What else does one need? I asked myself

We work, earn our wages to fulfill our needs. Right?

At least that is where history states, it started

Shelter? Money? Love? Life?

Makes me sick every second I think if it.

I scream myself out only to cause a blackout,

Not visual-but MENTAL

Like no processing is allowed

I crave for A moment of clarity,

A moment of content.

A moment of ME being ME

For this I’ve longed

It seems like it’sĀ  too costly to buy,

Like a wish only Jini can grant,

Like something which makes

IMPOSSIBLEĀ  seem impossible

Like a luxury only few got

Rest just ignore it or

are like ME!


I’m fine. Just fine-I answer my friend over phone,

when actually I’m dying every Second

Bit by bit, piece by piece

Wait for it- the funny part

I am paid for it

It’s my bread, the food, THE BASICS

How I wished basics were free,

So, I could walk my road,

Knowing I’d make it

Cos’ I got the basics free!



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