Independent and Single

single woman

I know I act silly n confused at times,
I might not know how to play with words
Politics is not my cup of tea
I am honest n blunt
I can say things straight in your face
Looking  right into your eyes

I don’t need you to pull a chair for me
I don’t need a special treatment
Taught to be Independent enough
I have my way of living

Courageous enough to drive alone
I don’t need you to take me around d town
I would rather drive on a highway alone in d rain
Traffic, idiotic comments, n angry faces
I can handle things, It doesn’t bother me

At times, I know I have tears
Alone in a dark room
I know I cry all night cause something broke my heart
But I don’t need your shoulder
My pillow has always been there for me since childhood
I just hug my little teddy bear n have a sound sleep
I just Forget it all and be who I m d very next morning

When I am frustrated of d discrimination
I don’t need you to seek solutions
I just walk a lonely road
Loudest possible music gives me my space
To be who I m rock solid n just be me

If I believe I have the right to be called equivalent
I don’t need special treatments
I don’t expect them
I can handle life my own way
I am as good as you and as worse as you can get

My independence has made me strong as a “rock”
It’s the way I am, stubborn , obstinate, and arrogant
Independence is d bread and butter of my soul n
Being single is a choice n that’s my style..

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