MY MOVIE – Inspired by ‘The Bucket List’

This was supposed to be just a comment on Rashida’s Bucket List, but it got way too big so I thought, why not post it as an article! It is inspired by Rashida’s Bucket list which is way too beautiful and made me sit up and realize how amazing my life has been till now! And this article goes to show how much I loved it!

If I believe what she has to say (which I do), then I have been living my Bucket List since the day I was born! And truly, it’s not over yet! You see it’s a long never ending list and the more I think about it, the longer it seems to grow! But to think I haven’t even started with it would be a complete mistake, cos as I said I’ve been living it in every second, every moment of my life!

As a kid, I’ve survived cycle riding sessions with a lot of bruises and fond memories, fights with fellow kids, my stint as the colony bully and being bullied to death in school, those medicines, ghastly illness, loads of bruises and the pain with it. Childhood was no doubt difficult (with major major bruises with bandages and stitches everywhere) as I was a difficult child but I survived! The scars are still there, but they are just prized possessions of a fond memorable young me.

As a teenager, I’ve survived failed crushes, broken friendships, lies, deceits, my own hormonal changes (which were really bad I am told), my moody phases (which were horrible by the way), the school, my studies, all that rotten competition and the stupid bid to excel in everything, my exploring spree in every walk of life (singing which failed, dancing still there, writing as you can see, RJ’ing which I miss, Compeering which I continued) and what not! I learned some lessons, few I discarded but overall I turned out to be a pretty ok kid!

College was more or less the same and now with Office, I am exploring myself all over again and surprising myself every time! I’ve lived in Delhi and Mumbai, been away from my family and living alone since last 5years, I have travelled in a bus, train, car, auto, rickshaw, metro,  local train, airplane (only ships and rockets left :P ) and I’ve survived it all! I have walked a thousand miles and I know I am raring to go for another milestone!

I know I am a strong person but you don’t think that about yourself every day. I’ve seen my friends getting drunk, I’ve seen them experiment with drugs, I hate smoking to the core (Hookah included), and I’ve seen them get in and out of relationships like playing cricket, hit and run! I’ve seen all of that and stayed away; I’ve stuck to my own set of principles and stayed true to them. No matter how difficult and messy and confusing things seemed to be, I did what I thought was the right thing and stuck to it like a stubborn chewing gum (Thankfully they were indeed the right things to do!).

And this is not just true for me, I know for most of you reading this article right now, the same things are probably going inside your head too! The choices you’ve made, the decisions you’ve taken, the things you’ve prioritized, the falls you’ve taken and still stood up to walk again, the lessons learnt, the joys felt and the sorrows seen, it’s been a great hell of a ride for all of you till now!

If you see and evaluate your life this very second and replay it in your mind from the start, you’ll see that you are the STAR of your own MOVIE! It is indeed like watching a movie! There is a story, there is drama, there is hope, there is despair, sad moments, happy moments, angry moments, action, love, comedy, friendships, relationships, good acting, bad acting, terrible acting, past, present and future! It is simply a BLOCKBUSTER!

And you can actually think of songs you can fit in some moments of your life! The only thing missing is that you just can’t start singing and dancing in the middle of the road and expect everyone to know the lyrics and steps of your song. They won’t because it is not their movie. They are not even supposed to.

I know it’s not really about the Bucket List but it has been inspired from that! And even from Arti’s article “The Sudoku of Life” although that is an entirely different article which will come later sometime. And I know that there is not really a point to this article but it is more of a realization that your life is the greatest BLOCKBUSTER ever made!

Like a good movie, you have no idea what will happen next, there is suspense, there is thriller and there is this curiosity to sit and watch it till the end not just because you want to know what the end is but because you are enjoying the movie so much! And you know that no matter what the story line is going on right now, it will be a GREAT HAPPY ENDING! And that knowledge gives you the hope to get out of even your worst phases!

But the problem with this movie is that there is no repeat telecast. You can replay the old film, dream about the new one but you can’t simply turn it back and start it again. You can’t. But what you can do is sit back, relax and enjoy the remaining of the movie because when it ends, it will only end for you and no one else.

So just tune in and enjoy the rest of the movie. Take popcorn and a cold drink to make the experience worthwhile. And just live it. You never know you might end up winning an Oscar for it! I know I want to! And I will, because for me, my movie is indeed the BLOCKBUSTER OSCAR WINNER and I AM THE STAR OF IT!

That is why I always say, “Starring in my own movie, Care to act?”


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6 Responses to MY MOVIE – Inspired by ‘The Bucket List’

  1. Rashida says:

    Awesome read!

    Totally relate to it myself too!

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      Hey I am so glad you like it!! Your article provoked so many thoughts and this being one of then, I simply had to pen it down!

  2. Ashish says:

    Ahan…!! This is the first time ever i saw myself as as hero :-) , that is in my own movie :( my life :)

    Thanks to you to take such a topic, and that too in a way that everybody could see himself as a hero.. :)

    I am really thankful at least .. :)

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      I am overwhelmed to hear that! Thank you so much! And yes, definitely you are the “Hero” of your own movie so direct it well, because your actions and your choices takes it forward! Make it worth living and watching!

  3. What I get here is very simply put,
    “stop waiting for moments, live the ones you have”

    nice shaking reminder!

    • Swati Bhalla says:

      You sum up my poems and articles quite nicely bhaiyya! And also, make the most of those moments! Because as I said, your actions and choices determine the story oF your movie, so direct it well and make it worth a watch for yourself as well as for your loved ones! It is just one life (movie) that we have, LETS MAKE IT LARGE! JUST FOR US :)

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