Judgemental? Think Again


At times, a passive person always attracts unusual and negative attention. Favoring an honest audience part, we always think wat we like without really knowing the real story. Here’s a small comparison of thoughts on what might lie underneath those layers of a submissive personality.


For a moment, please don’t be judgemental and think again! I don’t mean to disrespect anyone but I won’t allow you to intrude my space either. Just before you make a judgement here, please bother to read further ;)

Thought – “Just pretends to be buzzy”
Judgement – “Arrogant chick”
Their take – “May be under all the layers of lies, I was just trying a bit harder to run away from the intricacies of life”

Thought – “just shouted Leave me alone I don’t need you Just go away
Judgement – “will be fine all by herself”
Their Take – “I just meant opposite……Please stay if you can cause I can’t say it in words….”

Thought – “Aw..poor fellow.. is crying”
Judgement – “needs my sympathy”
Their take – “Thanks! but please dont think that I need your sympathy; it’s not that I am weak; maybe I just wanted you to say that you are here to stay”

Thought – “Always thinks….is right”
Judgement – “Too Adamant behavior for anyone!”
Their take – “I don’t give up on common thoughts; I strive further n refuse to go by what the society demands and legacy says”

Thought – “always ignores others n listens to loud music”
Judgement – “Ignorant and Silly”
Their take – “Maybe I was just trying to ignore the world out there with all its heavy-duty questions”

Thought – “didn’t react to my joke, arghh…always does it….”
Judgement – “Throwing tantrums all over the place”
My take – “May be its just that i want to be left alone for a while; cause i know somehow down the line you wont be there n i would have to be on my own… may be i was just trying to enable the habbit.”

Thought – “Always drives me nuts with all silly questions and concerns”
Judgement – “Foolish and Over possessive”
My take – “Please think again you might have mistaken my care and affection”

Thought – “always walk alone”
Judgement – “Snobby and weird eh”
My take – “Could be that i want to be left alone, even in a huge crowd just wanna be wid myself. My sweetest memories or my saddest moments only for a while”

Thought – “Danced like a mad mad fellow on the floor”
Judgement – “loves loud music and dancing; its normal with”
My take -”life makes me dance to its tunes knowingly or unknowingly; so i just took a break n dance the way i wishd to wat loved ;)

It doesn’t matter, what you think abt them,

lame, foolish and arrogant!

As you see it…..

Independent, Simple and a class apart.

As they might look at it……

“Please think again before you make a judgment…..”

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