Lanuage and Communication Barriers in Scientific Studies


There are several issues which arise while we study Science and Consciousness. At the normal scale we observe objects and phenomenons and therefore are able to visualize classical situations without any problem. But the concepts which occur at Planck length are only perceived through mathematics therefore people are not able to visualize the situations. Also as a physical observation is not made in such cases i.e. through the five senses, people are not self convinced with the concepts.

Language is the biggest problem in the study of consciousness and science. Maximum people are not able to distinguish between Mathematical Situations and Real Situations. Recently it was there in the news that the particle Higgs Boson was discovered by the Scientists. But it is critically important to highlight that the particle was discovered Mathematically by analyzing the information produced during the collisions. The pictures which we see on television and the internet are simulations. Therefore communication to the society should be made clear through simple and easy to understand self explanatory language to avoid chaos and speculation.

A Simplified approach towards Schrodinger’s Cat


  • SCIENTIST PERSPECTIVE (OBSERVER) – Cat is 50% Dead Mathematically
  • CAT PERSPECTIVE – 100% Dead


  • SCIENTIST PERSPECTIVE – Cat is 50% Alive Mathematically
  • CAT PERSPECTIVE – 100% Alive

Relativity plays a major role in the above example. The answers change with the perspectives. Mathematically word needs to be added with every probability assumption as it makes a big confusion in the minds of people. The Schrodinger Cat experiment was a very good thought experiment but the language could be made more clear by adding the word MATHEMATICALLY.

Therefore we need to develop systematic frameworks for studying the subject of Consciousness. Systems Thinking needs to be adopted for understanding all these subjects.

A Salute to Simplicity

Anhad Kashyap


2 Responses to Lanuage and Communication Barriers in Scientific Studies

  1. Anhad,

    I disagree to a degree. With the schrodinger’s cat, it is not a 50-50 mathematical probability, that gets referred.

    It is a simultaneous co-existence of all possible states – superposition.

    While you raise a pertinent point which even Einstein had mentioned – if the cat be taken an ‘observer’ itself, its counsciousness will collapse the wave function.

    But yet the schrodnger’s cat has survived as a scientific marvel, because it was indeed a thought experiment and hence should not be taken too literally. If you go by the copenhagan interpretation of quantum theory, cat is indeed in a state of ‘limbo’ – Neither dead or alive OR both dead and alive!

  2. Anhad Kashyap says:

    This article is rubbish !!! Have evolved out of these old views…. :) Thanks to your contribution during the process :)

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