Lessons from a Cyclonic Morning


It’s been raining at Chennai since last one week; the roads as usual get waterlogged during this season and traffic chokes all the main arterial roads in the city.  One such long wait in the traffic reminded me of an incident that happened last year.

Late in the month of December 2011, Chennai and nearby areas were struck by a high intensity cyclone Thane, and Govt of Tamil Nadu had declared it a holiday for all the schools, colleges and offices. I woke up around 6 AM by the sound of torrential rain and whistles of high speed wind, the scene outside was terrible, there was 3-4ft of water-logging, winds were blowing at a speed of around 80-90kmph. Train services were suspended or delayed; flights were disrupted, power disruptions in many areas etc.

I also thought of calling it a day off and fulfill for the backlog of work on the next day. It was around 7 AM by the time i took the decision of not going to work that day. At 7:05 AM there was a doorbell, i opened the door and saw milk packets and newspaper hanging on the door as usual. 7:10 AM there was another doorbell and our maid turned up for work. She was half wet, it would have been easier for her to make an excuse and not turn up for work, however still she did. I started to think, what made these three people, the milkman, the newspaper guy, the house maid, turn up for work in spite of such a harsh weather, I recollect having seen the newspaper guy sometime back on the rainy day, wear a plastic sheet and deliver the newspaper on a bicycle? Was it out of the daily ends that they had to meet, or was it commitment laden with a fortitude topping or perseverance? No matter, there is a cyclone, earthquake, tsunami or any other adversity, there is a set of people around us who keep working in order to ensure that our basic needs are met and we keep going. What makes them work? At the same time what makes me not go for work? I even have the facility of traveling by car without getting exposed to rain

Truly, it was the commitment of these people to their jobs that made them turn up for their work despite of the adversity. If they don’t go to work no matter how hard the weather conditions are, the daily life will come to a standstill. It is their attitude towards their duty, which is making me do my job well too.

If they can turn up for work, why can’t I?

The most important thing to do in life is to define our attitude towards our own work. Self-discipline towards our work is one of the important elements of our attitude towards it. It enables us to relentlessly focus on the things we wish to achieve, and helps us align our thoughts, actions and behavior towards it. It also gives us the power and inner strength to overcome addictions, procrastination, laziness or any other fickleness of mind etc. It is a very important ingredient for success, any form of success. It expresses itself as fortitude, not to give up despite failure and setbacks, as self-control, the ability to resist temptations and distractions that tend to stand in the way of attaining aims and goals. This self-discipline leads to a special sense of satisfaction at work too, and can sometimes make us accomplish almost insurmountable tasks as well. People may forget how fast we did a job or what kind of results we achieved, but they will always remember our attitude and commitment towards it.

I got ready and started for office by 8 AM !!!!!


3 Responses to Lessons from a Cyclonic Morning

  1. Arti Mishra Saran says:

    Cyclonic change of heart!!!

  2. Jaya Pydah says:

    Life’s lessons learnt the most unexpected way!!

  3. Anukool says:

    Thanks Jaya Didi… yes, learning and realizations sometimes happen in most unexpected and unusual situations!!!

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