Life of a Feline

feline eyes

Welcome! It’s the saddest of all times. Maya Dolas passed away today morning. I am still mourning her death. She came into our lives as a surprise. Or more like shock. We should have known. In fact, we should have expected it. It was bound to happen. There is no real immunity from such things. Moments like these appear from nowhere and leave your hearts and minds touched forever. There was something about her eyes. They were ablaze with fire. The kind of eyes you cannot help but stare into, yet they are so powerful they cannot be stared into for long. They don’t ask questions. They just force you to look within yourself. They force you to look at the world from their viewpoint. That is why I named her Maya….the eternal enchanter….

Later the kitten ventured out into the big wide world. The world allured her. She roamed like a tigress on the prowl. She walked like a royal. Nope. She was not exactly hunting. She was just taking in her new surroundings. The kids loved her. They fed her and played with her. At least that is what most of them did. A few vicious ones pelted stones at her, tied a string around her neck and tried to drag her around the place. The dogs attacked her. At night she stayed out alone. Keeping warm within her own fur.

The next day she was rediscovered by the kids. The next day she was brought back home. But now she limped from where the dogs had bit her. But the fragile body had a very strong spirit within her. She did not lay still. She kept dragging herself all over the place.
But the eyes revealed the pain withheld in her soul. But amidst the pain the strong, resolute spirit could not be broken. I will never forget those eyes. She knew she was going to die. Her spirit will live for eternity beyond.

The night passed. As the early morning sun touched the city of Mumbai she whimpered, sighed and then passed away with the passing night.

I will never forget the day she came.

The night was a night of terror for the city of Mumbai. And with the evil shadows had passed by Mumbai … so had Maya Dolas. The memory will remain etched within me forever. Of light and of shadow. Of days and of nights. The memory shall not be allowed to die.
The stray cat that my brother brought home that day. I called her Maya Dolas.

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